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At a time when messages are easily distributed via social and highly mobile media, we choose to make a paper newspaper. This choice is in line with our quest for the alternative: the newspaper is physically present in cafes and other places in the city, it is originally linked to citizenship, freedom of the press, and political debate. We consciously use this traditional medium because it stands out as an alternative to the fast-paced and commercially smart mainstream. The newspaper and corresponding website make the activities of participating projects visible, question mainstream culture, publish visions about alternatives and discuss the meaning and forms of contemporary activism. The mission of the newspaper is to articulate the importance of the alternative scene in the city as well as keeping that scene on its toes and thus relevant. In doing so, we hope to help generate interest for the activities of participating projects and AA initiatives, and increase the visibility and strength of the scene as a whole.

Check out our vacancies / participation page to see how you can become part of our editorial team.

Since its first edition in 2015, AA has been a bilingual publication. We believe that this decision reflects the multicultural character of Amsterdam. Articles are either Dutch or English, as determined by our writers. We don’t translate articles, with the exception of a number of texts on our website that describe our vision, principles, core values and other important matters.

Amsterdam Alternative is a free newspaper with a print circulation of 7,500 copies. We offer a subscription service so you can also receive the newspaper at home. This is useful for those who don’t want to look for a new edition every two months or for those who do not live near a distribution point. Check the Join page for information about subscription/membership.

Printing a newspaper and hosting/maintaining an online platform cost money. One way of generating the necessary income is through advertising. While we’re definitely not looking for a newspaper full of adverts, a few of those in each edition will keep us afloat. Our circulation of 7,500 printed copies throughout the entire city means that advertising in AA doesn’t just help the paper, but your organization as well. For the sake of clarity, it must be said that we only accept ethically responsible ads which automatically excludes large multinationals.
For more information, prices and deadlines see the advertising page.

Deadlines for content and ads
We work on a fairly tight schedule that repeats every two months.
01 • Jan-Feb edition (deadline 17 december)
02 • Mrt-Apr edition (deadline 17 februari)
03 • Mei-Jun edition (deadline 17 april)
04 • Jul-Aug edition (deadline 17 juni)
05 • Sep-Okt edition (deadline 17 augustus)
06 • Nov-Dec edition (deadline 17 oktober)

If interested in advertising in our newspaper, please contact us in good time via: advertentie(at) so that we can reserve space for you and discuss the options.

Editorial coordination team
Ivo Schmetz, Sebastian Olma, Menno Grootveld, Jaap Draaisma

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