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Every two months a big amount of new AA newspapers is delivered to the AA headquarters and then distributed by many volunteers throughout all neighborhoods and corners of the city (and beyond). To get this job done, we need as many volunteers as possible. More helping hands means more people will have access to the free newspaper. From north to south, from east to west, from the Bijlmer to the Pijp, from Geuzenveld to the Centre. The newspaper must be available in every neighborhood, accessible to everyone.

Sign up as a volunteer
Do you have a few hours you could volunteer every two months by cycling or walking through the city? Then please sign up as a volunteer. We can really use your help. Every person is important to ensure that we can achieve the goals of our association.
Please email us email to info(at)

Distribution spots
The AA print edition is distributed throughout the participating projects (Cinetol, OCCII, OT301, Vondelbunker, Plantage Dok, Fort van Sjakoo, etc), but also in small shops, cafes, universities, community centers, coffee bars, galleries, cinemas, etc. We do not have a fixed distribution list and new places are always welcome. Do you know a good place where the paper could be picked up or read, let us know or deliver a stack yourself.


We werken aan een digitaal systeem onze onze distributielijst online zichtbaar te maken voor alle leden.
Dit onderdeel is nog under construction.