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Amsterdam Alternative needs you!

Amsterdam Alternative is a non-profit organisation, a so-called ‘vereniging’ (foundation). All people working with AA are volunteers (all of us, there are no exceptions).
Contributing to Amsterdam Alternative means that you are part of the collective. It means that you work on a project you feel is important and that you don’t mind spending your time on it without a financial reward. We are all part of Amsterdam Alternative, because we want to contribute to the alternative scene of Amsterdam, to promote diversity, to learn from each other, to amplify the stories that need to be told, to offer and promote alternatives to the commercial mainstream and to work towards a free city.

In our functions overview you will find short descriptions of tasks and functions that are always needed in our organisation. However, if you have something else to offer that you think could benefit our collective and help us reach some of our goals, then please get in contact. Mail to: info(at) 

It is our collective efforts that make the difference!

Specification of functions

Text editor
As an editor, you do things such as formatting texts and correcting spelling and grammar. This requires experience, accuracy and a good feel for language.

AA does not rely on one doctrine, slogan or statement. Different perspectives, ideas and backgrounds exist side by side. AA offers space for alternative thinking, expressed through experimentation in word and image. We value academic contributions as much as the wisdom of the street, appreciate thorough analysis as much as activism and  poetry.

Photographers and illustrators
We are looking for photographers and illustrators that want to create inspiring images for AA. Images to go with articles but also stand alone photo reports of events and actions are very much wanted. Besides this we are building our own image bank so also already existing images are welcome.

Every two months we print ±7500 new newspaper. They are delivered on two addresses in Amsterdam (Oud West, De Pijp) and then distributed throughout all neighbourhoods and corners of the city. To get this job done, we need as many volunteers as possible. More helping hands means more people will have access to the free newspaper.

Add sales
Printing a newspaper costs money. Just over €1500 per edition to be precise. One way of earning that money is by selling adverts. We are looking for people who have communication skills to approach potential customers on behalf of AA and get them excited about advertising in our newspaper.

Social media
Even though we are not big fans of social media we use two channels to keep our followers up to date on our publications, projects, events and relevant content of other people and organisations. We are looking for some experts to enlarge our reach.

Video/film/docu curator
In our newspaper we usually publish a fil/docu tip top 5, we have an AA channel on Youtube and a selection of interesting videos on our website. Who of you out thereknows everything about films and documentaries, knows Youtube and Vimeo inside out and feels like curating inspiring videos for AA?

Video makers
We have the desire to start our own video creation department to make items about events (squatting)actions, festivals, performances and other notable developments in town. We are looking for dedicated, qualified people to start our own Amsterdam Alternative video team and start creating.

Podcast team
AA released a couple of podcast episodes already and wishes to expand this format. In order to be able to release new episodes on a regular basis e are looking for some sound engineers, interviewers and researchers.

Music mixes
Since 2020 we release music mixes every now and then on our website and Soundcloud page. We are looking for music lovers with a big network of DJ’s in various genres that want to help continue releasing music mixes on a weekly basis.

Discussion moderator
Amsterdam Alternative frequently organizes public discussions. These are often about different topics related to the content and projects that we work on. To help us host these - very lively - discussions and give everyone the opportunity to contribute we are looking for verbally strong people that stay focussed and keep a good overview of what has been and what needs to be said.

Solidarity fund
Recently we started the AA solidarity fund to financially support squatters, activists and free spaces when needed. We urgently need people to start raising money so we can really help and offer the support we would like to offer.

Vrij Beton
For our collective property project Vrij Beton we are looking for rich people that want to give us a building : ) Besides that we are also looking for people with knowledge about collective property and networks in the dark dungeons of the real estate world.

AA Academy
The AA Academie is a space to think together about our world. Resistance starts with collective consciousness and consciousness starts with analysis. Who wants to help enforce our organisation team and prepare the next series of academy sessions.

An internship at AA means that you work on a number of previously defined projects that suit your interests and/or education. This can vary from writing articles to doing a research project, making a photo documentary, help organize a public event, delivering newspapers, doing simple research jobs and so on. Interns do their work largely independently, but are also in constant coordination with editors, writers and image makers.

If you would like to become part of the AA collective as a regular or incidental contributor or volunteer, please contact us. It would be great if your mail could state your field of interest. Mail to info(at)