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Advertise in our newspaper

Printing a newspaper and hosting/maintaining an online platform costs money. One way of generating the necessary income is advertising. While we’re definitely not looking for a newspaper full of adverts, a few of those in each edition keep us afloat. Our circulation of 7,500 printed copies throughout the entire city means that advertising in AA doesn’t just help the paper but also your organization. For the sake of clarity, it must be said that we only accept ethically responsible ads which automatically excludes large multinationals.

Advertising in the newspaper can be done in three different ways:
1) Placing an advert in the paper.
2) Being included on our map with recommendations (also online).
3) Placing an article about your project (advertorial).

1) The advertisement
Ads come in different sizes and have different costs.
1/1 page = 260 x 361,5 mm (portrait) = €750
1/2 page = 128,7 x 361,5 mm (portrait) = €400
1/2 page = 260 x 179,4 mm (landscape) = €400
1/4 page = 128,7 x 179,4 mm (portrait) = €200
1/8 page = 128,7 x 88,4 mm (landscape) = €100

Delivery specifications:
Files: deliver as a jpg, pdf, tiff or eps file.
Color: deliver in CMYK or greyscale, no RGB or Pantone colors.
Text: convert fonts to letter outlines.
Delivery: in exact format, no overlap or crop marks.

2) A place on our map with recommendations (also online)
A place on our map with recommendations costs € 150 and is valid for a year (i.e. across six editions). This includes being mentioned (with text and images) on our recommendations page.

3) An article about your project (advertorial)
An article (advertorial) costs between € 300 and € 750, depending on the number of words and the available space. With an advertorial, it is important that your activities / products are in line with the philosophy of AA. For example, we will not publish an article about a new Adidas shoe or a new Heineken beer.

Questions or interest?
Please contact us at: advertentie(at)

All prices are exclusive of VAT.
We do not place advertisements for large multinationals. Ever.

Deadlines for content and ads

We work on a fairly tight schedule that repeats every two months.
01 • Jan-Feb edition (deadline 17 december)
02 • Mrt-Apr edition (deadline 17 februari)
03 • Mei-Jun edition (deadline 17 april)
04 • Jul-Aug edition (deadline 17 juni)
05 • Sep-Okt edition (deadline 17 augustus)
06 • Nov-Dec edition (deadline 17 oktober)

If interested in advertising in our newspaper, please contact us in good time via: advertentie(at) so that we can reserve space for you and discuss the options.