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Working groups

Sign up for a working group
Anyone can register for a working group. We are looking for people with expertise, experience and a good dose of enthusiasm. Group size depends on the specific working group and the range of tasks.

We (aim to) work with the following working groups:

Newspaper working group
This working group consists of a large group of writers, poets, photographers, illustrators, designers and editors.
The newspaper is coordinated and led by the editorial team. This editorial team is responsible for:
• The regular publication of the newspaper (bimonthly, preferably on paper and digitally).
• The quality of the newspaper (content, design). Form and content have to be strongly linked and must co-develop.
• The editors have the right to reject submitted articles and documents.
• The editorial team monitors the strict exclusion of party politics and religious propaganda.
• The editors determine the suitability of advertorials (paid items). Generating income can never take precedent over the paper’s objectives and the substantive quality of the piece itself.
More information? Mail to redactie(at)

Digital working group 
The digital working group deals with the website, social media, podcasts, video, music and other (not yet existing) online activities.
All AA activities and content come together on the website.
Participating projects such as the OT301, OCCII, Vondelbunker, Cavia, Cinetol, etc. have a login code for the CMS of the website to upload their public program. This agenda is visible on AA's website and (if delivered on time) also in the newspaper.
In addition to the public part of the website, there is also the members space. Maintaining this section is also the responsibility of the "online" working group. Messages in the members section are placed in consultation with the board and other working groups.
There may be an overlap between the digital working group and the newspaper working group.

Public programming working group
This working group is involved in organizing public events where people come together to talk about certain topics or to enjoy music, film, dance or other performance or visual arts (lectures, discussion evenings, music events, reading groups, walks, etc.)
In the future, this working group can help and advise AA Vrij Beton projects on setting up and organizing their public spaces. We will share experience with regard to permits, contracts, purchasing and technology.

Education working group
The AA Academy is the educational part of Amsterdam Alternative.
If you are interested in participating in the organization and/or execution of this project, please contact us through

Vrij Beton Working Group
Vrij Beton is the name of our collective ownership project.
The Vrij Beton working group is engaged in promoting the project and raising donations. In addition, the working group conducts research into possible properties/places to be purchased, by monitoring the real estate market and entering into discussions with the municipality and/or propertyowners.
If an AA property is purchased, a foundation will be established for the management of the property (or, in the future, several properties). The working group works closely with the foundation and issues a number of reports to the board and members of AA.

Financial working group
This working group deals with everything that has to do with the AA administration, mortgages, donations, subsidies, taxes, expenses, subscriptions, crowdfunding, crowdlending, etc.
This working group will also draw up budgets, annual plans and multi-year maintenance budgets, together with and for the AA "Vrij Beton" buildings.
The working group ensures that:
• The administration is kept up to date.
• The annual financial report is produced.
• Invoices are sent out and paid on time.
• The board and other committees will be informed about the financial state of the association. Reports will be presented at each General Assembly and at request by the board.
• Sufficient income is generated for printing the newspaper, maintaining the website, organizing events and financing other projects if possible.
This group also looks actively for advertisers and determines whether or not a company may advertise in the newspaper. The association does not want adverts from large multinationals or commercial companies that do not fit our core values and principles.
It can/may engage in generating other income (subsidies, donations, advertorials, etc.).

Selection working group 
This working group is engaged in preparing the selection of people/collectives for AA "Vrij Beton" projects, but also with possible subletting and evaluation processes at the AA "Vrij Beton" properties.
In the future, this working group could also be involved in the making of a selection of candidates to be nominated for the board or for a future member council.
This working group will only be set up if and when necessary.

Sustainability working group
We strive to make all our activities, projects and buildings as sustainable and climate neutral as possible. Re-use, zero-waste, green and preferably self-generated energy, water collection, urban gardening, circular, LED, no plastic, etc. etc.
The sustainability working group is committed to achieving these goals at all levels and in all sections of our organization.

PR & communication working group
This working group engages in internal and external communication. It is not yet there, but could be set up in the future. This working group would closely interact with the working groups newspaper, digital, Vrij Beton, programming, selection and sustainability.

Working group for each AA "Vrij Beton" building
Should we succeed in purchasing one or more properties in the future, the properties and the users of those properties will be closely involved with AA. To ensure good, transparent communication each building will also function as a working group within AA's organizational structure. This means that a group of representatives from each building forms a working group and remains in close communication with the Amsterdam Alternative Association and the board.

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