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Principles and core values

AA is based upon the following principles and core values.
Joining Amsterdam Alternative as a member means that you endorse these values and principles.

We strive for the greatest possible degree of self-management, flexibility, self-determined live and work conditions, independence and freedom of thought and action.
Constantly looking for space for development, reflection and experiment.
A clear structure with as few (but clear) rules as possible.

The members of the association form the constitutive power.
No concentration of power in small (sub-)groups.

Always looking for and open to new forms of expression, new solutions.
Stimulating and facilitating the ability to invent new things.
Plenty of room for art, culture and creative spirit.
Ingenuity and drive go hand in hand.

Collaborative, shared responsibility, cross-fertilization, active structures.
Together. Kindred spirits.
Equal participation.

AA benefits from active, committed members.
Collaboration makes us stronger.
Social, political and communal involvement.

Sharing goods, tools, resources, space, knowledge as much as possible.

We connect to each other and the outside world.
We celebrate togetherness and are willing to accept the consequences.
Moral and social solidarity.

Mixed functions
Live, work, education, social, communal and public functions.
Public functions are essential, they ensure connection and resonance.
AA is not exclusively focused on art and culture.

Open to the public and interested parties.
Everyone is welcome.

Open to all people, all ethnicities, all cultures.
Not through rules, but as a matter of course, through respect and tolerance.
A collective in which everyone feels valued and safe.

Variety and complexity are necessary for a productive, healthy system.
Monocultures are destructive and uninteresting.

Openness and honesty about decisions, administration, communication, minutes and other matters.

Not interested in market success or profit.

Keeping charges for events, drinks, rent and other things as low as possible.
Creating room for experiment, solidarity and innovation.

Keeping costs low ensures commitment.
Self-sufficiency does not mean that absolutely everything needs to be inhouse. Value professional expertise and experience!
Motivation is essential but also precarious. Keep things enjoyable and watch out for overload.

We aim to be sustainable, circular, self-sufficient, self-producing and self-cultivating as much as possible.
Sustainability is a value that is taken into account in all decisions and solutions we come up with.
Zero waste, urban gardening, producing your own green energy, repair and restoration are part of the game.
Regenerative culture restores and nourishes the social and environmental basis of society.