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11/5/2020 / Issue #030 / Text: Sofia Bifulco

Ode to freedom

In our little, squared, rooms
And in within these and other borders,
We lie, motionless

And in our smaller, squared, views
and in within these and other modern mental frames,
– our self-centred, systematizing and purposive modern mental frames  –
we wait, indifferent
hit by the daylight, our windows as frames,
our favourite (urban) landscapes stretch their limbs
slowly awakening by a long-awaited sun.

while at night,
while walking lonely as a cloud,
the wind breathing through trees’ fronds send a shiver to my spine
Freedom – is this what we want?
Freedom – what does it mean?
Freedom – starts with the first step, of a new dance move

Music in our little squared rooms,
Music and rhythm and movement to smile at our borders,
but essentially,
Music in our heads,
Music and Poetry to break the glass and break the frames and
perceive those windows and nightly fronds and these walls and
the love we think we miss,
And, dancing, expand,
Beyond ourselves,
Beyond our borders,

- strangely enough for our modern mental frames –

our views lose their squareness,
to welcome empathy, ease, and purposiveness.

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