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11/5/2020 / Issue #030 / Text: Sofia Bifulco

Covid-19 as a Chance?! Participatory Podcast Project

In an attempt to make sense of the current situation in a positive spirit, the Participatory Podcast Team (four students that decided to stay anonymous) gave life to a platform through which to share experiences and reflections. The hosts set a weekly topic, and people can submit their thoughts on that subject, as a recording, in any language they like. Each week one chapter will be released with a plethora of different voices from all around the world, and the topic for the next week is announced.

The Participatory Podcast Project is the result of the joint efforts and creative ideas of young people that like to think about this dreadful historical moment with a pinch of optimism, and in terms of opportunity. Indeed, this unique moment is offering us time: time to reflect critically and find our own answers. With this in mind, the creators of the project aim to spark critical thinking and transcend standard narratives by traveling around the world hearing empowering answers to stimulating questions.

As one of the creators says, “every story is worth being told,” and diversity is the key. The idea is that different answers to the topics will generate a multifaceted reflection on practical and emotional thoughts. We hope to hear from individuals with a community perspective, and to let different voices draw a picture of how society is coping with the Covid-19 crisis, and how we can see it as a window of opportunities for redesigning society.

By giving a space for everyone to speak and inspire each other, the Participatory Podcast Project represents  a collective attempt to imagine a positive end to this crisis. And, in the meantime, it creates virtual, heart-warming bonds between physically isolated people.

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