Issue #029 Published: 03-03-2020 // Written by: Gary Custard

Paper Jam print collective is looking for bigger space

Paper Jam collective, an Amsterdam based anarchist printing crew, is calling upon everyone. We need a bigger space to accommodate rising demands. We are looking for an affordable and social political space.

What we are looking for
• A space of more or less 40m2
• Maximum rent of around €300 p/month
• Preferably in a political space (such as
• political community centre, woongroep,
• legalised infrastructural building etc.)

What can we offer
• Cheap printing possibilities
• A very extended international political
• network and infrastructure
• Experience with self organised buildings
• and performing collective tasks
Paper Jam Collective is a completely donation based printing collective that started out four years ago in a garage in Amsterdam Noord. In the last years we have grown to have a vast network of activist individuals and organisations that we print for. We continuously strive to grow this network to become not only the movements printing press, but also to serve as a nucleus in the movement where we can link people from different struggles and share different ideas around. We believe that by exposing intersecting groups to different works and ideas, the best sort of cross pollination can happen.
In this way we have made quite some friends not only in the Amsterdam squatting and anarcho scene, but we also help out our comrades in the mass climate movements and queer, peace and labour struggles. Our network extends way beyond the A10 and we’ve made connections internationally by taking our zinestand abroad and being involved in different political book fairs around Europe

We have also expanded the range of products that we’re able to offer people. Starting out with merely printing flyers and zines, we now also make buttons, books and offer individualized help to people or collectives who want to set up a distro.
Because of all this, we have outgrown our current office above the public space in social political centre the Nieuwland. We are currently looking for a bigger office that will host our printers, book binding machine and mountains of paper, but more than that a space that will allow us to expand our services even more. We’ve reached the literal and proverbial ceiling in our current set up.
So, are you or do you know someone who has an empy space in a social centre, neighbourhood centre or other social political space? Please send us a mail to and let’s talk. We would also kindly ask everyone to send this message over mail lists that they think are relevant.

Thanks to everyone for helping us out!
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