Issue #024 Published: 28-05-2019 // Written by: Jacqueline

AA Reading group

Join the AA Reading Group! Every two months we organise an evening in which we discuss a particular book. Books include non-fiction about current social political matters as well as new and older literary texts. We read books in English and Dutch alternately. The sessions are open to everyone and free of charge.

The first book on the reading list is David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs. Graeber analyses the phenomenon of the purposeless job that is so widespread as a given in today’s society. Asking what it is like to have a job in which you don’t get to contribute anything meaningful, and why it is that we generally accept the proliferation of these jobs, Graeber offers a way out of the broken system of finance capital in which work has become a mere end in itself. “This book is for anyone whose heart has sunk at the sight of a whiteboard, who believes ‘workshops’ should only be for making things, or who just suspects that there might be a better way to run our world.”

There will be no central presentation of the themes in the book. Instead, you’ll discuss your views, thoughts, favourite passages, points of critique and further suggestions informally in a small group.

The discussion of David Graeber’s Bullshit Jobs takes place in De Peper (OT301 - Overtoom 301) on Tuesday 25th of June from 20.30hrs-22.00hrs.

The venue will need to prepare the space for us, so we ask you to sign up for the event no later than 18th June by sending an email to readinggroup(at)