Issue #020 Published: 06-09-2018 // Written by: Boterbloem

Hot summer in Amsterdam polder!

The Boterbloem farm has been in conflict with project developer SADC ( Schiphol Area Development Company) for many years. Trapped between Schiphol airport and Amsterdam the 'Lutkemeerpolder'  has been used for agriculture over the past 100 years. Nowadays mainly organic crops are grown on the fertile clayground. The historical plot patterns are still visible across the landscape of the polder. These border the main ecological structure and capture the traditional Dutch flatland views. Together with the monumental orchard, it's a unique ensemble. 

Developer SADC, of which Amsterdam and Schiphol are both important stakeholders, plans to destroy this beautiful area so they can build warehouses in the future. The original idea for building in the Lutkemeer was started in the nineties. It is stunning that the initiators for developing are all public organizations, such as the city of Amsterdam. They insist on continuing this project, despite the current knowledge and ideas about green spaces in the city. Not to mention the acceptance of climate change. Not only that, but millions of euros of public money has been put into SADC to keep the company going! 

Meanwhile the farm is supported by many organizations and Amsterdammers, all worried about the Lutkemeer polder being destroyed in favour of yet another industrial business park. 
They have formed Behoud Lutkemeer as a platform for this resistance. In their opinion, building in green areas is undesirable. A radical change in city developing is necessary to stop more damage to the land and climate.

Fortunately the De Boterbloem will resist the eviction. In March this year an important success was made, when the city council decided to seriously investigate the possibilities of keeping some of the land, after weeks of manifestations and political pressure. Unfortunately at the moment it seems they are preparing a proposal which only includes a small garden. 

There are more than enough reasons to protest and take action for keeping the Lutkemeer, so September 14-16 an action camp has been organized to show support: 'Kampeer in de Lutkemeer'. Friday evening the camp will begin with an open-air screening. Saturday will be filled with workshops, tours, and exhibitions, for example to guide you through the louche history of real estate, the history of the polder itself, and to learn more about organic farming. On Sunday we will practice action methods for field-occupying and sand truck blocking. Off course at the end of each day there's good food, music and theater.

Any help is welcome: building up, cooking, preparing an exhibition or workshop. Perhaps you think of a funny action or are you involved with a potential solidarity organisation. Please get in touch with:

So: grind-polish your rake, look for your tent in the attic, dust off your action-suit, buy some spray paint and bring an old cloth to join us September 14th at 9 pm in the Lutkemeepolder. To stay informed watch the website; or follow us on the facebook page Behoud Lutkemeer.

Want to join the alarmlist by Email, Whatsapp or Signal? Please send your details to


7 Sept: De Peper (OT301)  // 19:00  // €7-10
Benefit dinnerand party to support the Lutkemeer Action Camp
Vegan 3 course meal and live music at de Peper in order to help fundraise for the Action Camp to save the LutkemeerPolder. 

14 Sept: Lutkemeerweg 276 // 21:00 // €0
The Milagro Beanfield War
Family film to be shown as part of the Action Camp, Behoud LutkemeerPolder.

15 Sept: Lutkemeerweg 276 // 19:00 // €0-7
Live bands, DJ and dinner
Line-up: TBA 
Music and dinner to celebrate a day of workshops and seminars at the Action Camp, Behoud LutkemeerPolder.

29 Sept: Vrankrijk // 19:00 // €7
Benefit dinner and party to support Lutkermeer Action Camp
Vegan dinner and live music, with an opportunity to learn more about the Action Camp to save the LutkemeerPolder. This event will occur during the regularly scheduled WTF Queer Night and VOKU dinner. Line-up: TBA

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