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25/5/2018 / Issue #018 / Text:


The aging hipsters of Pakhuis de ZwijgerWaag Society and Amsterdam Economic Board are putting on another propaganda festival. Its purpose: to mask the
neoliberal destruction of our city. They have done this very effectively for more than a decade now. These are the people behind the marketing campaigns of creative city and smart city that have made Amsterdam dull and truttig. And now they invite us to join them for their next ideological sham: bottom-up city making.

City makers like to talk about urban gardening, while real estate investors and the tourist industry destroy our city’s ecosystem. They praise the sharing economy, while more and more alternative and cultural projects are under threat of eviction. They celebrate the wonders of creative entrepreneurship, while teachers and nurses can’t find affordable living space in the city. 

City makers want you to believe that collective action and political activism are obsolete because 3D-printing and block chain technology are more effective ways of making the world a better place. If you’re committed to an emancipated, fair, exciting, and livable city – a city that belongs collectively to its inhabitants – then WeMakeThe.City is your enemy. 

If you really want to change the city, don’t just talk about it, do it! There are many activist groups from neighbourhood initiatives and tenant associations to city-wide platforms such as FAIRcity AmsterdamWE ARE HERE 24/7 and many others. Even squatting has become an option again as the Kinderen van Møkum prove.
Join the struggle, get involved but don’t be deceived by cheap hipster propaganda. 
Boycott the temple of neoliberal ideology that is Pakhuis de Zwijger! BOYCOTT WeMakeThe.City Festival!