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25/6/2018 / Issue #018 / Text: Noah Steixner

Post Capitalist Living in Amsterdam Oost

Who dares to dream of a form of living beyond the constraints of capitalist dependencies, right here in Amsterdam?

Alone, one does not quite dare to, but that is why one comes together... With the success of NieuwLand, new ideas are sprouting from the ground of Amsterdam Oost. As an outgrowth of the NieuwLand project, a group is forming around the ambition of building from scratch a living space experimenting with postcapitalist ideas.

Though all is still in the early stages, there is a tender offer of building space by the municipality, and the group is interested in applying with a proposal to make this idea become a reality. Based on the principles of radical self-reliance, sustainability and community, they aim to explore forms of living as well as the autonomous design of living space.

How to build a carbon negative, low-impact living site, being both designers and constructors? To leave a mark against industrial construction techniques in a place that belongs to us all? They aim to produce as much as possible on site and experiment with eco-construction in an urban environment. As visionaries of a community, they will experiment and collaborate to find new ways of communal living. What about autonomous children’s quarters? Here children could learn to live together and resolve conflicts outside of the traditional family hierarchy. What about self-organised daycare and inter-generational living? Small scale cultivation and sharing of produce in a café space?

A public meeting will be announced soon.

Meanwhile, if you think you can offer support, advice and know-how with regard to the application to the municipality, feel free to contact