Issue #005 Published: 05-01-2016 // Written by: Berk (ADM)

Job offer; full time! Ambitious formalist capable of dissociating actions from ethics to help relocate/evict the illegal occupants of the ADM terrain.

The majority of the curious readers of this add enter the gates of the ADM ‘Amsterdam Doe Maatschapij’ once or twice a year. But with the right code or good timing anybody can taste the flavours of this unique experiment. This place is not limited to the annual festivals or events that are publicly presented but it’s real experimental/autonomous/anarcho playground. Housing more that 100 people from all ages and of all possible back grounds. It is an oasis in the industrial desert of the Amsterdam harbour. It has become one of the symbols of the free and tolerant Amsterdam of the past. But, now every thing is getting fucked up. If your unaware? Just ask someone on the outside of the bubble, oh yeah there’s nobody out there.

After being squatted for 18 years the doggie ‘owners’ seems to show some interest in developing the ±4 acres of industrial harbour land. Scrap shipyard, development, growth, business they argu in the court room while they paddle away from salvation on a badly inflated life raft. A shortsighted romanticised nostalgia haunts “le porte Amsterdam’, while the hot air balloons suffocate the green banks of the north sea canal. Although the Amsterdam harbour wants to present itself as the greenest of Europe it is the biggest Gasoline over-shipment harbour of Europe.

‘Right’ logic? They fail to take a decision between the present ADM community versus the doggie promises of a company well known for selling hot air. Like a community garden being trampled by huge mechanical turtles programmed at the brink of the industrial revolution. Ohkay Amsterdam has a job offer for aspiring bureaucrat to take responsibility of the repositioning/evicting of the people of the ADM.

Who wants this on their CURRICULUM VITAE?

After the squatting ban in 2010, the decay of social solidarity, gentrification and austerity, Amsterdam is been having trouble with keeping it’s Alternative/underground scene inside the ring. It’s tried to give it a legal place to breed but still  prices are too high to let anything prophetic happen. When bier is more expensive than the entree fee and going out to the club is like going though the security check at Schiphol the promised free Amsterdam is a fantasy. Boohoo. This doesn’t have to be reality. Reclaim space and time. Creative innovation is the
only way forward. This town thrives on the chaos magicians and free roaming freaks maintaining subversive options. But if you are happy that these types are moved to other dimensions and alternatives are made impossible then this is a job for you.