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27/10/2015 / Issue #002 / Text: Manupalooza

Reclaim your life

Reclaim your life. Such is the underlying theme of the first Amsterdam NOMADS Gathering, 18 and 19 July in Vondelbunker, Amsterdam. A 2-day event, including workshops, presentations and discussions on the themes of: off-the-grid living, sustainable alternative lifestyles, hitchhiking, being a digital nomad, travelling around the world without (too much) money, and more!

Is it possible to unplug from the rat race, and what are the ways we can do this? Featuring a packed day- and evening- program of international and local projects and individuals, various individuals will tell you how. A virtual campfire where all are invited: not just squatters and punx, international hipsters and gypsies, but also flashpackers, freelancers, digital entrepreneurs, or just anyone whom has ever been curious as to “how the hell do all these people manage to travel/be creative all the time, where do they get the funds from?”.

Evenings will be dedicated to art, films and performances by nomadic travellers and other internationals with anecdotes to tell and messages to convey. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hitchhike as a solo female traveller in the Middle East, to motorbike across continents, to live on a boat, or to only live off the income from your blog or online activities? There’s lessons to be learned from those behind those posting from jaw dropping far-away destinations. Live musical acts such as Shireen and Bucket Boyz will complete this daydream!

There will also be talks on reclaiming empty spaces, recycling and upcycling, combatting food waste, eco villages, and other money-less, resource sharing lifestyle models….as well as fun stuff: pimp your backpack, learn to crochet handy things for the road, sow a patch, make a (travel) fanzine, learn to cook with donated goods.

A unique opportunity to socialize with like-minded or completely-different individuals, throughout the day you can swap at the free corner, help fill up a “Human Library” with interesting places to visit, volunteer, create workgroups, make something, or just hang back and learn and be inspired.
Confirmed names are: youarealltourists, Guerrilla Kitchen Amsterdam, DIY Workshops Amsterdam, Revolutionontheroad, and of course Admin members of NOMADS!

NOMADS is an online community for sharing ideas and information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road. Schijnheilig, the hosts of the event, however believe in “claiming neglected spaces and transforming them into creative, freely accessible and non-commercial places”. A great coming together of souls.
The event has been organized on a “do it yourself/do it together” basis: there is no central group, anyone can participate with their idea and content, in a collaborative community spirit. There is still room for ideas, speakers, and stands.

Registration for workshops begins on July 1st. As we expect a group of travellers biking, hitck-hiking and ride-sharing from various parts of Europe for this, to ensure you secure a place it is suggested to register. There is also a volunteer program, for those interested in helping out.

To stay up-to-date with the ever evolving program, please visit:

…..Be careful, you might quit your job after this weekend!!!