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6/9/2021 / Issue #038 / Text: Supernova cinema

Introducing Supernova Cinema!

Opening its doors to the public in October 2021, the Supernova Cinema lies within the mythical OT301 building, next to Amsterdam’s Vondelpark.

Founded by the team behind the International Queer & Migrant Film Festival –currently celebrating its 6th annual edition– the Supernova Cinema seeks to establish itself as a safe space and community hub through film and culture. It seeks to become a beacon for alternative and inclusive programming, showcasing indie productions, and hosting debates and workshops with a strong focus on intersectionality, new perspectives, queer topics, migration, diversity & identity. Likewise, having experience in working with emerging filmmakers all over the globe, Supernova is particularly keen on offering a space for emerging filmmakers, orchestrating exchanges with international artists and festivals, and becoming an international center for showcasing artivism productions – activism through art.

The team behind Supernova includes programmers, organisers and volunteers from the International Queer & Migrant Film festival – a diverse group of people who are directly involved in topics such as representation, decolonization and commemoration, all from a professional perspective. We are a diverse team supported by a group of enthusiastic volunteers and cinema-lovers. The board of the foundation consists of individuals with a background in cinema and culture, as well as academia and advocacy. “Over the past 6 years we have organised the IQMF festival, which has become an undisputed landmark for queer film and arts in Amsterdam and Europe. We work with a diverse team of programmers and aim to bring emerging queer filmmakers to Amsterdam to engage with broader audiences. We are thrilled to welcome you at the upcoming festival at both LAB111 as well as our own Supernova Cinema. We are proud to say we are now one of the few queer festivals in Europe with their own space. We are truly excited to share it with you” – says IQMF director Chris Belloni.


You can find the Supernova Cinema on the second floor of OT301 at Overtoom 301 in Amsterdam. OT301 originated from the Amsterdam squatters’ movement, and was eventually bought in 2006 by a diverse, international community, an association under the name ‘EHBK.’ This alternative, non-profit platform is run as collective, in which living, working spaces and public functions are combined to contribute to art, politics and subculture visibility. OT301 is the living proof of this historical series of events, and the collective within - to which we now proudly belong - continues to work towards a socially embedded cultural and artistic offer.

Support our crowdfunding campaign
Belloni: “We started a crowd funding campaign on the voordekunst platform to raise money for our cinema space. We would immensely appreciate if you could have a look at the campaign and share it around with your friends and anyone to whom this project may sound worthy and appealing.

What are we going to do with the donations? Several things. Firstly, we are going to refurbish the space, including a much-needed new beamer and seating. After all, we want this place to be welcoming all year round. The cinema room will be furnished differently and equipped with more contemporary equipment, so that any film is showcased to its maximum potential, regardless of its production budget. The second target will be spent on the refurbishment of the Ventilation Room (café), including the bar, which (to everyone’s delight) will also be completely re-vamped. Part of the target amount will be used to set up an online cash register system so that you can order tickets for the cinema from the comfort of your home. The ultimate goal is to set up a unique and alternative film program of three months in the autumn of 2021 – kicking off the indoor season with a bang. The space seeks to tap into collaborations with special international film festivals like Soura Film Festival, special screenings of up-and-coming filmmakers and a diversely composed side program with Q&As and panel talks”.

The crowd funding campaign runs until September 12th 2021. You can find the link to the campaign here:
Please share and help us bring this cinema back to life!