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12/5/2020 / Issue #030 / Text: AA

Music tip top 4

Picked with care but you can do the judging yourself. Tips and links to releases are always welcome ( 
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Perception is​/​as​/​of Deception
Label: Dais
Release date: 10-04-2020
Genre: Electro
Format: Digital, Vinyl
With the rampant sense of emptiness on the minds of many these days, there continues to be few attempts at scoring these common, unfortunate human qualities with pure sincerity. Thankfully, Adult has a long-standing reputation for creating the soundtrack for our insecurities, and Perception is/as/of Deception further solidifies their apprehensive position.

Label: Basserk records
Release date: 23-03-2020
Genre: Electronica, instrumental
Format: Digital
EP03 is another short trip into the dark and atmospheric mind of Utrecht based producer Freddy43. All 3 tracks are a sound collage of electronica, ambient and instrumental hip-hop.

Four Tet
Sixteen Oceans
Label: Text Records
Release date: 13-03-2020
Genre: Electronica, ambient
Format: Digital, vinyl
Sixteen Oceans somewhat reconfigures the Four Tet sound. New Energy reached back to the folksy style of his early output. Its tuned percussion and stringed instruments spilling out over the sides of his beats. 

Nazar Guerrilla
Label: Hyperdub
Release date: 22-04-2020
Genre: Grime, electronic
Format: Vinyl, digital, cd
Guerrilla is the great debut album by Nazar. Combining influences from the Angolan electronic music Kuduro and reflecting on that countries devastating civil war. Listen to this beautiful, mechanical and disjointed album and let it take you elsewhere.