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11/5/2020 / Issue #030 / Text: Jan-Pieter ‘t Hart, Luna Hupperetz

Film/Documentary tip top 5

Every issue we publish a tip top 5 of documentaries and films that we think are worth watching.This issues list has been created by Cinema of the Dam’d (cinema in the OT301). If available we share the content on our Youtube channel.

Un homme qui dort
Director: Bernard Queysanne
Writer: Georges Perec
Release: 1974
Topic: Social isolation
Where to find it: it’s on Youtube in it’s entirety with English subtitles
Based on a novel by Georges Perec, this is a beautiful and poetic account of self-chosen alienation and city life in Paris through the eyes of a young student. 

In Praise of Nothing
Director:  Boris Mitic
Writer: Boris Mitic
Release: 2017
Topic: Nothing
Where to find it: available on the website of IDFA for €3 A fun film about the character
Nothing, narrated in verse by Iggy Pop, with footage from all over the world in which people tried to capture their meaning of “nothing”.

Fishing with John
Director: John Lurie
Writer: John Lurie
Release: 1991
Topic: Nonsense
Where to find it: all episodes are on Youtube
Satirical TV show with actor and musician John Lurie, each episode taking another guest fishing; Hunting of The Snark kind of nonsensical adventures. 

How Not to be Seen: A Fucking Didactic Educational .MOV File
Director: Hito Steyerl
Release: 2013
Topic: Invisibility in our Information Age
Where to find it: it’s on Vimeo
The abundance of images and the manipulation of information. In this short film Steyerl presents to us five playful, yet terrifying, lessons of invisibility. A bit of satire that could come in handy in times of ‘intelligent lockdown’.

Vive L’Amour
Director: Tsai Ming-Liang
Writers: Ming-liang, Tsai, Yang
Release: 1994
Topic: Emotional and spatial loneliness
Where to find it: the sea of illegal piracy
Three people move in and out of a vacant apartment in Taipei. The apartment resembles one of the many unoccupied buildings in the ‘80s estate boom as well as the gradual isolation and loneliness of people in urban space.