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De KasKantine is a post-apocalyptic café, restaurant and urban farm. Walking in you realise this place is different. There are plants growing everywhere, a behemoth of a pizza oven sits in the middle of the restaurant and a mish-mash of people greet you as lucid pink bar meets you.

De KasKantine is an experiment and affront to the traditional horeca model. Everyone entering must become a member, and hence shareholder in the cooperative. Thus, the 'customers' part own the business. Everyone is welcome. De KasKantine straddles the border between Westerpark and Bos en Lommer. It's a place where yuppies can sit beside punks and enjoy a cheap lunch or homemade drink. Yes, the entire drinks menu is homemade. The coffee is roasted in the pizza oven, the tea's and juices, fermented, brewed, stewed or pressed in the café.

Nothing is wasted. Those plants are not for decoration but consumption. Additional food the restaurant serves has been rescued before it would have been trash. That pizza oven is housed in an old container and built with clay from de Polder. Even your shit goes into compost toilets, before being fed to worms. Why, because De KasKantine has the ambitious goal to become off-grid by the summer. Hence, there is no espresso machine; it uses too much power.

On the outside, the tower of the former ING building provides an ironic backdrop to a stack of containers with greenhouses in between. There is a sprawling sunny space packed with straw bale planters, a dijk garden and places to relax. There is even a beach cum jeu de boule field, entertaining the young and old. For the summer the KasKantine plans an fascinating mix of events for inside and out.

De KasKantine is not trying to change the world, but adapt to it. They are the Mad-Max of the café scene, and are creating a weird nirvana in their corner of West Amsterdam.

Opening times:
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday 10am-6pm
Thursday - Saturday 10am - late
Thursday Dinner by reservation
Friday Pizza night, donation, Saturday Special!

Tel: 06-87699573