Pakhuis Wilhelmina
Pakhuis Wilhelmina
Groenhoedenveem 30

Pakhuis Wilhelmina is a unique culture centre on Amsterdam’s Ij banks. On June 25, 1988 during the European Football Championship, a group of artists squatted Pakhuis Wilhelmina just as the tournament crowned the Netherlands as the European champion. Since then it evolved to be an alternative culture platform consist of 94 studios and public venues.

A wide verity of cultural professionals characterises Pakhuis wilhelmina and gives the building its peculiar qualities. A broad representation of visual artists as painters, sculptors, photographers, conceptual and mixed media artists besides musicians, writers, interior designers, architects and both graphic and web designers. Our Craft wo/men assembly includes carpenters, blacksmiths, costume and stage designers, jewellery and both painting and furniture restorers.

At the moment, we have six public spaces offering wide range of happenings:

MEZRAB is a cultural venue - House of Storytelling & Music.

CORRIDOR PS  is a cultural cabinet for artistic research and production of cultural projects. CORRIDOR PS exposes imaginative, absurd and profound ideas to the broad public.

HET GAMALANHUIS is an Indonesian music center where both classical and modern Indonesian music is being composed and recited.

WILHELMINA WINKEL specialised in bamboo floor, offers designed furniture and holds regular exhibitions in its spacious interior.

The atelier of Lucas Den Hartog is our classical music island where you can restorer & tune your piano or dive into inspiring classical music meanwhile scouting for a new piano.

LOSDOK  is our communal project space where everyone can join in and add a cultural project, as exhibition, presentation or a meeting.