Overtoom 301

Since 1998, EHBK has united a diverse, international community that runs the alternative, not-for-profit platform OT301 as a collective, in which housing, work and public functions are combined to contribute to the arts, politics and subculture.
EHBK shares knowledge and organizational duties in a democratic manner and encourages all members and visitors to take part in our experiment.

In the OT301 we have living spaces, ateliers for artists, artists in residency, a concert room, bar, gallery, vegan kitchen, cinema, yoga classes, rehearsal spaces, radio station and various workshops. We are open almost every day.

We have a couple of public spaces organizing various events:

Stichting Studio301 is a non-profit foundation based in the OT301 in Amsterdam. Its goal is to programme a variety of music, dance, performances, theatre, markets and workshops.
The main focus are the night programs from Wednesday till Saturday. Weeknights are usually programmed with live bands, weekend nights are more dedicated to electronic music. With both types of programming we aim to have a good balance of young talent and (inter)national bands and DJs. Besides working on an exciting, experimental, fresh, edgy and high quality programming we think it is important to keep prices low and make sure the vibe is good.

The MixTree is an idea, a collective
A MIX of culture, a diversity of languages and passions.
A TREE of gastronomy, poetry, books, vinys, comedy, theatre, wine, photography, music, gallery, cinema, painting, food, design, dreams and realities.
A NEW SPACE with different branches where to grow, create and share around diverse projects, colours, shapes and collaborations.

4bid Gallery:
The space is multi-faceted, at times activities, studies, processes are visibleto an audience of visitors in an unofficial manner, at others a platform that shows work produced by the gallery and created extemporarily. We organize a variety of recurrent activities open to the public: exhibitions - workshops - performances - debates.
More info on: //

The Peper - Vegan organic culture kitchen:
The Peper is NOT a restaurant! We have no menus, no waiters, no boss, no advertisements, no pay-cheques, and no profit. We also have no animal products, no pesticides, no genetic mutilations, and no microwave. The Peper is a vegan organic culture kitchen that hopes to inspire volunteers and visitors alike to a lifestyle that is healthy, planet & animal friendly, socio-politically aware, pro- active, and creative.
Opening times:
Tuesday 18:00-01:00
Thursday 18:00-01:00
Friday 18:00-03:00
Sunday 18:00-01:00
Reservations: 020-4122954
Food from 19:00 (Kids are welcome!)

Movement Academy & Youth Circus World Wild:
Weekly and intensive workshops for adults and children (limited capacity).
Various classes: Okido Yoga, Self defense, Modern dance, Massage, Circus, Aerials, Aerial Kids Yoga, Breakdance, Aerosol art.
The project exist since 2005 and is also active with humanitarian projects in Asia and the refuge youth in Amsterdam. Private classes and performance on requests.

OT301: Metal Academy - Susanne Boger
Susanne Boger is a classically trained jeweller known for her eclectic and often experimental style. In addition to her own jewellery practice, Susanne takes on students through her teaching program. Beginners or advanced students can learn traditional skills or break the rules with more experimental techniques. Masterclasses for jewellery making are every Tuesday and Wednesday, 16:00-18:00 hrs and 19:00-21:00 hrs