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BAR - Cruise Inn
BAR - Cruise Inn
Zuiderzeeweg 29

For all rock & roll, rockabilly, jivers, rockers, hillbilly,  western-swing, teddyboy rock, in short; fans of good music, Cruise Inn  is the place to be! 
One of the longest and authentic running 1950s Rock & Roll clubs on  the planet...since 1982!!! Cruise Inn is a non-profit organisation and  works with a Board, Boardmembers and Crewmembers, on a VOLUNTARY base.

PLEASE  NOTE:  it is forbidden to park on the road in front of the Cruise Inn,  there is a strict policy, regularly controlled by the police!! Parking  is available at the students site, next from the Cruise Inn or on the  other side of the Schellingwouderbrug   

Early Bird discount
The Cruise Inn opens at  21.00 hrs. If you enter the Cruise Inn before 22.00 hrs on bandnights,  you’ll get one free drink(ticket)!  The Cruise Inn is only opened on Bandnights from 09:00 pm till 03:00 pm.