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Amsterdam Alternative loves words but values the power of images as well. Always striving for the right balance between words and images. We use images to go with articles and other on- and offline content, but we also publish series of photographs and illustrations that are closely related to the topics and themes that we write and talk about. 

AA Image library
As good quality images are difficult to get on short notice, we have started our own AA image library. A collection of images ready to use when needed. This library does not replace working directly with illustrators and photographers, it is an extra tool to help us create high quality content at all times.

Open call
We are always looking for new, motivated photographers and illustrators to be part of the team. If interested please send an email and preferably a portfolio link to  redactie(at)
Side note: everyone at AA works as a volunteer. We don’t have a budget to pay contributors.

If you have images ready to be added to our library, then please make a good selection before sending it to us. We need hi-res images, either in full color or black & white.
Feel free to approach us with ideas, expertise and/or networks that you feel we should know about. We are always open for new experiments and new people.


Amsterdam Alternative has a Spotify playlist with a selection of tracks that have been published in the tip lists of our newspaper. Feel free to send tips to music(at)
Besides our playlist we have the AA music mixes on Soundcloud and on our website. We try to release a new mix every Friday. All different but eclectic, adventurous and/or experimental. In various genres and styles, except the commercial mainstream. 
If you are a DJ/Producer and interested in making a 1,5-2 hrs mix for AA, then let us know: music(at)


Video is a powerful medium that has taken over a considerable chunk of today's news and media streams. Unfortunately, much of the content that is spread on platforms such as YouTube comes from right-wing and/or conspiracy sources. This content conflicts with the principles of democratic freedom and emancipation that form the foundation of the alternative scene. We can not ignore this development and would therefore like to set up our own video division, creating and selecting content that we can share with our members and followers.
At the moment we have a channel on Youtube and a selection of videos on our website but we need dedicated and qualified people to improve our video department.

We are looking for video contributions that aim to inspire people, and that operate within a radical, critical and ‘rebellious’ sphere. The formats we would like to showcase on the Amsterdam Alternative website include interviews, narrative or non-narrative works, short documentaries and other experimental forms of visual storytelling, in clear correlation with the topics tackled by Amsterdam Alternative. We aim to feature works that do not dwell on nostalgia, but look towards the future and speculate on new ideas.

For more info, or if you want to help out, mail to: video(at)
If you have made video content that should definitely be visible on our channel, or know about such content, let us know. Don’t forget to include a link.