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AA Activities

Besides publishing our bimonthly newspaper, we organize meetings of contributors, public talks and all kinds of other events. We do not wish to just send information, but also want to be a platform where people can meet, exchange ideas and party. To talk, discuss, listen and enjoy performances together. To celebrate old and new forms of collectivity. Amsterdam Alternative is a collective, which means that for us doing things together is a value in itself.

Check the list of AA activities for more details on what is happening at the moment. Check the overview page to see when things are happening. In the future, new activities will probably be added. If you have an idea or project that would fit well with our activities, let us know: info(at)


 AA Talks © Ivo Schmetz


  AADE 2019, OT301 © Ivo Schmetz


AADE Punk night 2019, Cinetol © Susana Martins

AA Talks

In 2018 we started organizing AA Talks. These are public discussion nights featuring a panel or an individual speaker, on a specific topic. The subjects of the AA Talks are closely related to the topics and themes we write about in the newspaper (politics, culture and the arts,, climate change, urban life and free spaces, anti racism,etc.). The talks usually take place in one of the participating venues of AA or at related organizations. An important goal of these nights is to motivate the audience to take part in the discussion.


Besides the AA Talks we have also started the AADE (Amsterdam Alternative Dance Event) in 2018. The first year it was a single event in the OT301, with performances by DJ Marcelle (Another Nice Mess), Eboman, KRAZ and much more. In 2019 we expanded to five events in various locations (OCCII, Cinetol, OT301, Nieuwe Anita). We programmed a talk that was entitled ‘Fck the industry, long live the experiment,’ as well as a couple of music nights. The AADE takes place in the same week as the big – mostly commercial – ADE. We are not anti ADE, but feel it is our duty to present an alternative to the mainstream electronic music that is programmed in most venues. This could be experimental techno or other weird electronic music as well as punk, hiphop or another genre. We do not program with the aim to attract as many visitors as possible and to make as much profit as possible, but from a passion for music and to promote the importance of a strong ‘underground’ scene in Amsterdam.

AA Music events

Besides the annual AADE we also organize separate music events during the year. Not really regular, but as it happens. Without pretensions. In various locations.

AA reading group

Every two months we organize an evening in which we discuss a particular book. Works include mainly new and older literary texts, as well as non-fiction about current social and political matters. The sessions are open to everyone and free of charge.
There will be no central presentation of the themes in the book. Instead, you’ll discuss your views, thoughts, favourite passages, points of critique and further suggestions, informally in a small group. The last twenty minutes of the evening are spent in deciding collectively which book we will read next. You’re welcome to join this discussion and to propose a book.

AA Walks

Coming soon.