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Academy info

We are in the process of developing the AA Academy.
Hopefully our first workshops will be available at the beginning of 2021.

When courses are available they will be posted on the AA Academy program page.
This page is still empty at the moment, as we are still working on the launch of this project.

If you are interested in participating in the organisation and/or execution of this project please contact us through academy(at)

AA Academy concept

The Amsterdam Alternative Academy is an independent institute whose purpose is the production of knowledge that will contribute to the aim of collectively building a desirable future for all. We are founded on the conviction that the only possible way forward for our city specifically, but for humanity and the planet in general, lies beyond the brutal neoliberal order that serves only the few and destroys the lives of the many. In order to overcome this situation the world needs citizens who understand the current formations of knowledge and power and are able to challenge them. The AA Academy is the educational space where individuals and collectives help each other to improve their capacity for thinking, organizing and political action.

The AA Academy is being set up by a collective of intellectuals, artists and activists who are deeply dissatisfied with the current state of (higher) education. Our universities and institutions of cultural learning have been forced into submissive complicity by decades of neoliberal reform and budget cuts. In our understanding our institutions of higher education need to be places where young people are initiated into the collective project of thinking towards a better future for all. Unfortunately, they have become ideological bastions peddling the myths of entrepreneurialism, hyperindividualism and competition. What’s worse, they have been degraded into speculative real estate operations that are complicit in the destruction of our cities.

The AA Academy represents a radical break with this ideological and institutional impasse. Our sole interest is to enable younger generations to think beyond the political, economic and aesthetic poverty of our time. This is why we want to be a post-contemporary academy: our education should provide the tools that can break the hamster wheel of an eternal neoliberal present. The training we offer is strictly non-vocational: we’re not interested in training professionals for the neoliberal present, but in educating citizens who will think toward and build a desirable future for all.