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Sunday 02 August
Filmhuis Cavia // 21:00 // € 0
Outdoor Cinema: Rain the Colour of Blue with a Little Red in It
Open: 21:00 - 00:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

The walls of the theatre have become too small to shelter those who want to come out into the summer night. And besides, under the roof the stars don’t shine and the wind doesn't blow. Hot summer isn't for solitude and timid encounters. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to take a light and move out and wait for the night to fall and the kaleidoscopic beam to glow above the friends. This summer, we'll start our outdoor cinema program with a three-night musical journey in our inner courtyard. We will begin in Amsterdam’s 70s punk scene, pass through a techno riveting delirium and terminate in the Sahara dunes, where the Tamasheq blues howls over the crickets’ chirp.

Christopher Kirkley | 2015 | Niger | 75' | Tamasheq with EN subs

Mdou Moctar arrives in the city of Agadez with a purple motorcycle and a left-handed Stratocaster, determined to make a name for himself. In the desert town the guitar plucking is incessant, coming from jams in the adobe houses and concerts in the courtyards. The riffs traverse the Sahara through cell phones and the rivalry between musicians intensifies. A sincere and vibrant homage to the Tuareg culture with sensational music performance

Free entrance
Doors open at 20.00
Films start at sunset
Wheelchair accessible