Selected event
Thursday 15 February
Plantage Dok // 19:00 // € 0
Dokhuis Galerie presents: FJ González Torres (ESP)
Genre: Guitar, Semi-acoustic
Open: 19:00 - 23:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

A guitar and bass player, FJ González Torres often collaborates with other remarkable artists, such as Francis Diaz and Roberto Bacallado... He has even performed with Dokhuis Galerie's own Larva Peruzzotti (field recordings/sound engineering). FJ González Torres is co-founder of many bands such as the Fields Orchestra and Gallo & Monocroma (the latter still active in Amsterdam).

The sound is improvised serene semi-acoustic guitar and tonight FJ González Torres presents a solo project with back-up instrumentals on percussion and bass.

And... of course... there will be food too !
Cooking this week is Ewan Cameron ♥

The Best Vegan Food in Town is served at 19:00
Soup €2 / Meal €6 / The Best Vegan Cake You've Ever Tasted €3

Arrive on time and guarantee yourself a plate !
For group reservations (20 ppl or more) please call ahead: 020-2334108.

Free entrance !

Closing time 23:30