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Friday 19 January
Tickets OT301-Studios // 22:30 // € 6
AA Vrije Geest
Genre: Techno, Electro, Experimental, Electronic, Dembow
Open: 22:30 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 6 / €7 at the door
Line up: Danny Keen, Mozes Meijer, DJ Superinca, Andy Ex, Human Form (live), DJ Justin Case

Vrije Geest is a party by Amsterdam Alternative.
A celebration of free spirits and free spaces.

All artists on the line represent a free space in Amsterdam.

22:30-22:45: Live ambient muziek, Danny Keen
22:45-23:30: Mozes Meijer (Ruigoord)
23:30-00:15: DJ Superinca (PlantageDok)
00:15-01:15: DJ Andy Ex (Zaal100)
01:15-02:00: Human Form (OT301)
02:00-03:00: DJ Justin Case (AA)


DJ ANDY EX - a.k.a. Andy Moor (The Ex)
DJ ANDY EX is Andy Moor, guitar player from the Dutch band The Ex. He has DJ’d on many occasions after playing a concert with The Ex at music festivals worldwide. The music covers many genres and for Andy his choice depends on in Duke Ellingtons words kinds of music, good music and the other kind...the only yardstick by “there are simply two which the result should be judged is simply that of how it sounds”.Inspired by the incredibly wide palate of New York based DJ Rupture he plays Ethiopian, Algerian, Moroccon, Angolan, Ugandan, Jamaican Dancehall. South African Gqom, Dub reggae, UK Rap, Hip Hop, Free jazz, Rebetika, Dembow etc. More recently Andy has been working with Amsterdam based Echobox Radio and does a live show every four weeks on a Friday. The shows are all archived on Mixcloud and called Blueprints For A Blackout.

DJ Superinca aka Ibelisse Guardia Ferragutti (BO/BRA) 
Performer, vocalist, theater maker, composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Amsterdam. DJ Superinca aka Ibelisse has been spinning and sharing music for the last years in multiple venues, festivals and events a.o. The Rest is Noise, Julidans, Sexyland, Space is the Place, Radio Oedipus - Vintage Voudou. She melts, melds and spins dirty beats and hot songs from her Latin American root systems and beyond. Her music practice is deeply interwoven with de-colonialism, the paradox between grief and celebration, Andean Cosmology as a source of reclamation, resistance and resilience. Informed by punk, protest and activism she meanders in between underground, experimental, adventurous and cutting edge music and performance making. In May 2024 she will be releasing a duo record with Frank Rosaly for International Anthem Recording Company. 
Listening session mixtape DJ set I did for Radio Oedipus.

Mozes Meijer
Mozes explores the world of sound through making post-punk world dance influenced music and dj sets. As an avid music collector his collection ranges from  from Bollywood soundtracks to King Tubby Scorchers, obscure synth disco b sides, Krautrock and beyond. With a strong basis in music from the past he looks forward by collaging these influences in an electronic fashion. From the subtropical heat of the African continent to the cold waves of suburban 80's post punk disco, Mozes combines these influences into a highly Danceable blend.
Soundcloud // Insta

justin case
justin case is the alter ego of Eleni (she/they) a writer, researcher, and editor based in Amsterdam. As justin, Eleni channels joy, playfulness, hedonism, melancholy, and whimsy through a genre-fluid approach. 
Soundcloud // Insta

Danny Keen
A veteran of the Liverpool psychedelic and ambient scene & long-time Amsterdam resident Danny Keen creates musical worlds using only his guitar. 
With a wide range of effects and guitar synthesizers each live show is improvised, a unique and completely immersive journey.