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Saturday 16 October
Sold out OT301-Studios // 18:00 // € 10
AADE - Vrij Beton
Genre: Vage techno
Open: 18:00 - 23:55 hrs
Tickets: € 10
Line up: Snufkin, Bebe Bad, Space Exposure, DJ Gysele

This will be the 3rd edition of the Amsterdam Alternative Dance Event. On Wednesday and Thursday there will be AADE Punk nights in Cinetol but the Saturday in the OT301 will be dedicated to weird electronics and vage techno. 
This event is a benefit night for our Vrij Beton project. So all the income will be going into our savings pot. And good to mention (because it is great), all artists are playing for free, as a donation to Amsterdam Alternative and Vrij Beton. Together we fight, drink, laugh and dance for free spaces in Amsterdam.

Line up:
Bebe Bad
Space Exposure
DJ Gysele

Artist info:

"Self-diagnosed chronic fever-dreamer Snufkin is an Amsterdam based DJ shattering musical conventions internationally. With apocalyptic sounds and harsh cuts their sets are truly a walk down the unlit and untraveled paths, never knowing what to expect after every turn. With performances at Sonic Acts, Strange Days, PC Music (online), Progress Bar, Subbacultcha, s.M.i.L.e. (online) amongst others, Snufkin has shown and solidified their versatility and audible reflexes every time.”
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DJ Gysele
Vinyl Dj from Amsterdam, loves to spin a diverse range of music. Deepest love is Rave and everything that's produced between 88 and 94. Uplifting and groovy tunes with a bit of an edge. Started her electronic music journey with early Rave party’s from the age of 15. Co-founder and resident of Lang zal je Raven, a succesfull 12 hour rave concept, hosted at diffrent locations such as Radion (Amsterdam) and Suicide Club (Berlin). Won the TWSTD Dj contest audience award in 2017 and is playing often in clubs and at Raves since then. Former programmer of Oosterbar.
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Space Exposure
Space Exposure is the stage name of DJ and producer Roel Janssen. He has his own eponymous electronic radioshow Space Exposure on Dutch station Concertzender since 2015. His musical interests include freaky electronics, IDM, techno, hiphop and ambient. 
In June 2018 he released his debut album ‘The Subliminal Serval’ on his own label Lynx Produktionz. In 2019 he dropped the 2 track EP ‘Off The Beaten Track’ on Basserk Records. His second album ‘Less Is More’ dropped in August 2020. In May 2021 the 5-track EP ‘Nightshift’ was released on Basserk again. 
Janssen, who works as a journalist, has collaborated on physical releases (cd/vinyl) with artists such as George van Wetering (singer/guitarist for Monokino) and electronic producer Fentom. Expect some bass in ya face ‘cause space is the place!
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Bebe Bad
Bebe bad plays pick 'n' mix party music. Drawing from her UK roots, her sets span from pounding electro and bubbling synths to d&b, dub and whatever else finds its way on to her teddy bear USB. 
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