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Tuesday 16 January
OT301-Cinema // 19:00 // € 0
Off the Beaten Track: The Endless Summer & Sherpa
Open: 19:00 - 23:00 hrs
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Bar opens @ 18:30 The Endless Summer @ 19:00 Sherpa @ 21:00

In this program, we question where the anxiety over being branded as a tourist comes from. The characters have different ways to try to blend in: by not using a guide(book), by demonstrating their local knowledge, or by claiming a higher purpose - such as researching for a novel, completing an athletic feat or looking for companionship. But even in disguise they do have guides, with whom they have transformative encounters as well as ugly clashes. These movies also consider the experiences of the chaperones, sherpas and escorts, who are often pushed aside in a traveler’s quest to escape the well-trodden paths of tourism. In tonight's program, we screen the groundbreaking 1966 surfing documentary The Endless Summer with the gripping 2015 documentary Sherpa about the fallout from a tragic avalanche at Mt. Everest. 

The Endless Summer @ 19:00

See the influential documentary that put the surf-and-travel genre on the map and led to a wave of imitators. Director Bruce Brown passed away in December, leaving behind a growing surf film industry and an international surfing community that consists of some six million members. For his plan to chase summer, Brown found a good deal on round-the-world flights, selected a handful of coastlines on a map, and prayed for good surf, paying for the project out of his own pocket. His camera follows Robert August and Michael Hynson on their legendary endless summer with beautiful, meditative shots, but also captures revealing encounters with those who live by the perfect waves they discover. Watch the trailer. 

Directed by Bruce Brown, 1966, USA, 95 min. in English.

Sherpa @ 21:00

In 2013 a fight erupted near the summit of Mt. Everest between tourists and local tour guides. Australian director Jennifer Peedom initially travelled to Nepal to document the lingering tensions between these groups, but ended up bearing witness to tragedy, when an avalanche killed 16 Sherpas during filming. The ensuing crisis, captured by Peedom's probing camera, reveals the thin ice beneath the Everest industry. Sherpa takes an in-depth look at the people who make the growing mountaineering trade possible, but who also bear the greatest risks as they trek up and down the life-threatening peak to carry supplies for the privileged climbers. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Jennifer Peedom, 2015, USA, 96 min. in English and Nepali with English subtitles.

Bar opens at 18:30.
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