Thursday 17 October
Tickets OT301-Studios // 21:00 // € 7,50
AADE - With: Lena Willikens, Know V.A., Karel and Dymph
Genre: Electronic
Open: 21:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 7,50
Line up: Lena Willikens, Know V.A., Karel (live), Radio Parkplatz (live), Dymph (live), Barros & Boutique case (live)

After the success of last years AADE we have decided to continue the concept and this year we are completely independent from the big ADE.
We are not against ADE but we feel that it is important to offer an alternative in the same week. Something more experimental, something cheaper, something less commercial, something out of the box and something more exciting. 
This year AADE is spread over a couple of days and a couple of venues.

On Thursday we have a great and very eclectic line up with fantastic live acts and DJ’s for you in the OT301.
And just like last year all the artists are playing fro free. They donate their performance to Amsterdam Alternative. All entrance money will be going towards the AA organisation for printing more news papers in the future. A big thank you in advance to all artists for doing this. We are very grateful for this.

The artists playing are:

Lena Willikens
Lena Willikens doesn’t play the hits. When she’s behind the decks, even her biggest fans often have no idea exactly what she’s playing, and that’s part of the magic. Like all DJs, Willikens of course has a passion for records, but she’s also after something bigger, something that’s truly transportive for those on the dancefloor.
Born and raised in Germany, Willikens first honed her unique approach during a long residency at Düsseldorf’s beloved Salon des Amateurs. These days, however, she’s based in Amsterdam, where her transportative impulses have been plugged into a variety of outlets with a global reach. On the radio, she pilots the monthly Lightning Conductor program on NTS. On record, she recently curated the fifth installment of Dekmantel’s acclaimedSelectorscompilation series, and she’s also been tapped to remix the likes of Lena Platonos, S U R V I V E, rRoxymore, Simian Mobile Disco and Ana Helder, amongst others. On stage, Willikens works with artist Sarah Szczesny on Phantom Kino Ballett, an immersive audio-visual performance art project that defies routine explanation.
Still, it’s in the DJ booth where Willikens continues to make the biggest impact. Whether she’s playing alone or in tandem with fellow sonic explorer and Salon des Amateurs alum Vladimir Ivkovic, Willikens nimbly navigates electronic music’s darkest and most bizarre corners, sampling different temperatures, different moods and a dollop of chaos, just to keep things interesting. And although she herself doesn’t always know the final destination, when Willikens is at the helm, there’s no question that the journey is bound to be thrilling.
Soundcloud // Facebook 

Except for brilliant and unique music, you also have to set eyes on Karel if you want to go completely crazy. Not shiny and stylized, but a chunk of unpolished energy. Karel's performances are an anti-reaction to the current band culture; no stiff fuss, but let it all go!
His music can be described as synthesizer pop, created by means of drum computers and synthesizers, in the most lo-fi studio one can imagine: his bedroom. Influences of Karel's synthesizer pop can be found in bands from the 80s such as Level 42, New Order and Duran Duran, but also by contemporary bands like John Maus and The Knife.
In 2018 Karel played - among other festivals - at Down The Rabbit Hole where he left a magnificent impression. He was chosen by 3voor12 as the 3rd best act of the festival, after Nick Cave and David Byrne.
In short, Karel promises to be the next sensation from The Netherlands.

Know V.A.
Amsterdam-based duo Know V.A. is one of the voices in the current renaissance of Dutch early hardcore.
Driven by the search for the new, the two producers strip down the hard dance music they know until only the core principles remain. With the sheen of brute violence removed, a softer and more intricate existence appears. Their music is synthetic. For the duo, this unnatural sound aligns with people’s obsession to control andmanufacture the world around them.
The new record ‘Strange Days’ on Signal Life tells a story about a disintegratingworld in which its inhabitants are paralyzed by the weight of impending doom.Whether it’s global warming, a potential nuclear war or a crumbling society.
“With this record we tried to grasp some of this zeitgeist, as well as picture a possible future. While there’s hope; the end is in sight. How does contemporary music soundlike amidst this realization? It definitely brings forward a certain recklessness. It’s strange days now.”
Over the last years, Know V.A. have gained an international reputation. In betweentouring Asia and Europe, they’ve hosted a series of 'Strange Days' club nights inAmsterdam, which seeks to showcase contemporary hardcore and explore how the genre, sonically and aesthetically has remained active in the underground. Their aim is to create a cross-cultural event, by making surprising combinations of source and inspiration, older and newer names, Dutch and international talent next to each other on the line-up.
Soundcloud // Facebook 

Radio Parkplatz
Jurgen van Harskamp and Niels Vermeulen (Utrecht / The Netherlands) create experimental techno with two modular synthesizers. For their first EP release ‘Kompaz’  (Basserk Records), they made 5 different patches and recorded every take directly on analog cassette. For the sessions they transported their gear to festival tent in a forrest. The dark woods resonate in the lush electronic improvisations. They chose several cloud names to match the atmosphere: slowly transforming analog soundlines with a steady bass-pace.
Live Radio ParkPlatz prepares a new performance for every gig. It is improvised and all analog, but the overall sound will be minimal techno, with lots of reverb.

Dymph is a self taught musician/producer who just released her first album ‘blu’. Her music sounds like a dreamy inner world that you enter into, best connected to the electronic indie pop atmospheres. She expresses certain feelings that are in touch with the continuum of inner emptiness. As she felt a little lost in the world for a while and touched a certain void within, she realized that music always brings her into emotions, memories and future dreamings. After deepening herself into music software, she finally found a way to bring her inner life to come alive.
Facebook // Website // Youtube

Barros & Boutique case
Samples, senquencers& synths. Surfing slow grooves into space.

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