Friday 07 June
Tickets OT301-Studios // 22:00 // € 8
Cat in the bag - Jungle sessions
Genre: Jungle – Oldschool DnB
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 8 / €12 at the door
Line up: Junglefever, Tommy The Cat, JDK, Crytic

Friday 7th June 2024 Cat In The Bag Returns To The OT301 in Amsterdam For The Next Jungle Sessions. Hop on board this Jungle Express Train!!!

Cat In The Bag Records, a Jungle label based in NL with Tommy The Cat as the main man, featuring some of the best jungle artists in Holland and a lot of international killers as well.
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Line up:

(Labels: Cat In The Bag/ Lickshot)
This multi-cultural Junglist has been dj-ing and promoting D&B/Jungle/Breakcore since 2001 at his residencies, raves and venues across Europe. He got interested in audio production in 2006, which led to releasing on a couple of compilations and performing as a live act in 2007, using his laptop and some controllers.
Since 2010, he runs and co-owns two small Ragga-Jungle vinyl labels: Lickshot Recordings with Bong Selecta- a ragga-jungle label focussing on vibey yard music, and Bomba Cut Recordings with Stivs- a junglecore label dedicated to make hardcore mashed up ragga-jungle.
He also performs and produces with partner in crime Rob Raider, under the alias VRS. By syncing up their gear, they aim to create cutting edge dance music influenced by d'n'b/jungle/breakcore/dubstep and much more- breaking all boundaries.
On stage, you can expect an exclusive mashup of unreleased dubs when playing live or banging and tight dj-sets when bringing out his vinyl collection.
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Tommy The Cat (Labels: Cat In The Bag/ Myor Massiv)
With energetic musical productions and killing it seamless behind the decks, Sammie a.k.a. Tommy The Cat is renowned for his technically explosive DJ style that never fails to makes the dance floor go boom with highly enthusiastic crowd.
Sammie van Cleef has been DJing since the mid-’90s, when he first discovered the fresh and thriving sounds of breakbeat, jungle and drum & bass. Operating under the alias Sam-C (and slight variations on it), he began playing and organizing events within the free party scene in his home country of the Netherlands and further afield too, bringing his crew’s soundsystem to abandoned warehouses and disused military spaces and other such prime raving sites. 
Over the years he has mainly been spinning drum & bass, jungle, free party tekno and acid core, hardcore and headed up the Dosis Decibel Record label. In 2018, however, Sammie started a mainly jungle Cat In The Bag Records label with alias Tommy The Cat. Since then, he’s been releasing beastly tearout worldwide junglism releases via the outlet, and alongside the likes of Coco Bryce, Tim Reaper, FFF, Duburban, AcidLab, MsDos, Subreachers, Msymiakos, Donnie Murdo, Junglefever and many more, while the following year he added other imprints, Park Sessions & Oldschool Shoes to his repertoire.
Music production has remained the in-demand creative mainstay of Tommy The Cat’s abilities, including vinyl releases on labels such as Myor Massiv, PRSPCT, Vibes ’93, E-beamz, Unknown To The Unknown and Tuff Cuts. His dj and producer tactics are a mixture of Jungle, Oldschool DnB, Atmospherical Jungle and Oldschool Trip Hop.
Running a successful Cat In The Bag Jungle Sessions night at the OT301 in Amsterdam and bringing his Cat In The Bag sound to various venues across the Netherlands.
Tommy The Cat made several podcast guest mixes on Eruption Radio, Kings of the Amen, Vibes Promotion, PRSPCT radio, SeekSickSound, Rinse, Everyday Junglist & RaRaRadio and has been featured on the October 2020 DJ Mag edition as an emerging artist.
Soundcloud // Insta Cat in the bag // Insta Tommy // Linktree

JDK (Label: Park Sessions)
The boss of the Flatlife Records label group; is also spinning some atmospheric Jungle vinyls when he finds the time between running all those labels. His roots lie in the jungle/ drum n bass. When he turned 18; he came into contact with jungle drum n bass organization Red Zone in Eindhoven. From there he independently (under the name Jape Du Marie) played vinyl sets at underground parties and festivals for 10 years and was known for his pounding bad company-like sounds. After these 10 years he started playing technosets as "Jack Wax" and playing more Psy Goa Trance under “Jape Du Marie”. Now he is also back to his roots; with a special new DJ name: JDK under which he plays more atmospheric Drum n Bass & Jungle sets and became member of Park Sessions (Cat In The Bag)!
Flat Life records ​​​​​​​website // Insta

Crytic (Crew: Breakbeats for Breakfast)
Meet DJ Crytic, a Dutch artist whose musical journey transitions from jazz to Jungle beats. Influenced by retro video games, he dives into Drum and Bass & Jungle, blending jazz soul with pulsating energy. Creating his own unique fusion of the oldskool rave and the new school soul.
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