Saturday 08 June
Tickets OT301-Studios // 19:00 // € 9
Time Destroys Everything
Genre: Radical breaks, Hardcore and more experiments, Talks, Exhibition
Open: 19:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 9 / €10 at the door
Line up: Christoph Fringeli (Praxis),  Zombieflesheater (Kritik Am Leben),  Base Force One [live] (Praxis),  Tec9 (NoAlign, S.O.D.O.M.),  Shimla [AV set] (NoAlign)

NoAlign invites you to the second edition of Time Destroys Everything.
NoAlign is a collaborative endeavor fueled by individuals with varied backgrounds, united by the same stupid idea to contribute something meaningful to the scene. With the vision of seamlessly blending Music, Visuals and other art forms and being a stimulating creative space.
This time we are very happy to invite the founder of Praxis Records Christoph Fringeli/ Base Force One . Producing and distributing radical electronic music since 1992 originally starting in London and later moving to Berlin where he still to this day runs his record and book shop and regularly publishes his DATACIDE magazine. 
In addition we will have another Berlin institution... Zombieflesheater or how some like to call him Grindmaster Flesh. Who knows knows, and who doesn't will find out.
Besides that we got two Amsterdam originals and members of our crew Tec9 and Shimla with a special AV set. 
We cant tell you what to expect, but come anyways for a extraordinary sonic experience.

It's Time...
We are happy to announce an interesting talk that Christoph Fringeli prepared for us, discussing the past and future of counterculture.
Doors will open at OT301 on Saturday June 8 at 19.00, and the talk will start shortly after, so make sure to be there on time if you want to catch it. There will be plenty of time for discussions and questions, so feel free to take part in the conversation.

The party will start shortly after the talk.

Talk Overview:
Christoph Fringeli is a writer, musician and publisher living and working in Berlin. He runs Praxis Records since 1992 and is the editor of Datacide – Magazine for Noise & Politics since 1997."
In his talk he will present and critically investigate the concept of counterculture from its origins in the 1960s via its mutations with Punk in the 70s and how it entered a new phase in the 90s with the explosion of sound system culture, free festivals and self-managed distribution networks of electronic music, as well as the intersections of this musical underground with radical emancipatory politics.
He will also look at reactionary attempts to co-opt countercultural strategies and topics by the far right as well as recuperation by the capitalist mainstream.
The crucial question is: How relevant are the concepts of challenging the cultural, political, economic and social status quo devised by the radicals of the past in the digital age?
Today we have whole new arsenals of communication and agitation or experimentation. We have to apply these to complement the media experience we have accumulated in the last century, in line with the gains we have made in terms of knowledge about revolutionary history.
Christoph’s talk will be followed by discussion and will be illustrated by selected visual material.

- Christoph Fringeli (Praxis)
- Zombieflesheater (Kritik Am Leben)
- Base Force One [live] (Praxis)
- Tec9 (no align, S.O.D.O.M.) 
- Shimla [AV set] (no align) 

Visual installation by: 
- Impulse Control


No Align

Praxis Records
Soundcloud // Facebook // Discogs // Mixcloud // Website // Youtube

Christoph Fringeli (Praxis) 

Base Force One [live] (Praxis)

Zombieflesheater (Kritik Am Leben)
Soundcloud // Bandcamp // Facebook // Website // Youtube

Tec9 (no align, S.O.D.O.M.) 
TEC-9 started mixxing late 2012, heavily influenced by underground hardkore tekno ever since he came in contact with the free party movement.
His mixes are generally characterized by being hard and rhythmic but he never knows where he goes… nothing is off limits.
Soundcloud // Facebook
Shimla [AV set] (no align) 
Shimla has been breaking kicks and mangling snares in the free party movement since 2008. His genre defying hybridized rave music has been released on Hit 'n Run Music and Dosis Decibel Records.
Soundcloud // Insta // Youtube

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