Saturday 25 May
Tickets OT301-Studios // 13:00 // € 12
Viva la Vulva Festival
Genre: Expo, workshops, art market, film, dj’s, performances
Open: 13:00 - 20:00 hrs
Tickets: € 12
Line up: Nova Kane, The King of Revolution, Isa van Rooy, Bustie La Tish, BaddieGyals, Maryo, Shanice Fullinck, Aryelle Freeman Hopelezz, Puszi Puszi Freeman, Koko Kaneel Freeman

Viva la Vulva festival is a tribute to Vulva.
For everyone who wants to celebrate the Vulva!
Join us to experience feminist art, crafts, music and stories inspired by the Vulva!
You'll immerse yourself in the Vulva world by meeting amazing artists, be inspired by interesting stories, performances, films and art. All this to change our perception of Vulva and celebrate, body and gender diversity.
Viva la vulva!

Welcome to the Vulva Art Market, an empowering space where artists boldly showcase their feminist artistry and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the vulva. Here, you'll find a vibrant array of artworks dedicated to breaking societal taboos and promoting gender diversity.
Join Viva la Vulva art market and explore the unique vulva and feminist art, created by artists who are committed to advocate for equality. 
Each artist has a mission for a more inclusive society. Through their art, they strive to foster dialogue, challenge stereotypes, and inspire change, inviting viewers to confront their own biases and embrace the beauty of diversity.
Viva la Vulva Art Market is transformative, bold, provocative and revolutionary and paves the way towards a future of gender equality and acceptance.

The artmarket is free entrance
For the performances and films you will need to buy a ticket.


Nova Kane (she/her) A desert dweller of the U.S., Nova Kane debuted her first burlesque performances with the Tucson Libertine League before moving to Amsterdam and performing shows with the Amsterdam School of Burlesque. Her acts indulge the dark, the frivolous, and the feminist. She believes every body has its stories, and she loves burlesque’s ability to hold and celebrate those stories.
She will be performing a burlesque where a woman tries to relax on a beach. However, she finds herself bombarded by chaos until she discovers some magic sunglasses that allow her to let her hair down. All of her hair. Through displaying various pubic hair stylings, this act invites multiple options of being, no matter where they lay on the landscape of societal and structural expectations.

The King of Revolution (they/he)
The King of Revolution is huge fantasy fan. I’m a writer and a spoken word artist. I draw a lot of inspiration from my own fantasy worlds, but also the great Tolkien and newer writers like Samantha Shannon and Madeline Miller. I love combining my love of fantasy with real life and my activist nature.
I will be doing a spoken word performance in cosplay. Showing and telling you, not only about my characters, but also my life growing up as a black and trans teen.

Isa van Rooy (they/them)
They are inspired by the interwoven connections between organisms, technology and queertrans love. Their performance encapsulates softness with descriptions filled with visual elements. Besides poetry, they also perform contemporary dance and theatre.
They will be reciting poetry about (sexual pleasure) within different organisms and gender identities

Bustie La Tish (she/her)
Bustie La Tish started burlesque lessons at the Amsterdam School of burlesque about 10 years ago. She has developed many acts from comic to fetish and performed on stages all over the world. Bustie is a proud member of Amsterdam activist drag house – the House of Hopelezz, – where she performs together with a group of LGBTQIA+ performers and won the Superball competition with them in 2019 and 2022. She is the founder and co-producer of the inclusive and activist shows PUSSY GRABS BACK! and GOSH! She also produces and hosts the Smut Slam Amsterdam, Amsterdam’s only storytelling night about sex.
She will be doing a stand up comedy set about menopause.

BaddieGyals (she/her)
We are a couple for more than 6 years. We were both dancers before our relationship and dancing kinda brought us together. From the very beginning of our relationship, we created short choreographies and danced them just for ourselves. Although we have always aspired to show our art on a wider scale. When it comes to our inspirations, it may seem funny, but sex inspired us. Despite differences – sex always brings two people together. In both of our previous relationships we didn’t feel safe and sex was mechanical. When you find everything you need in your partner and feel your safe space – you flow from position to position, you connect your naked souls in it. This is what inspires us!
It’s a choreography about a couple who have had ups and downs and are constantly working on being better. Despite differences – sex always brings them together. They flow from position to position and connect naked souls in this choreography.

Maryo (She/her)
I am Maryo, Experienced Expert in Sexwork. With almost 20 years of experience working in the nightlife as a performative sexworker, I have made the switch to a 9 till 5 life and work three days a week as a socialworker for (ex)sexworkers. Turning my experience into expertise for a better position of sexworkers is my purpose.

Shanice Fullinck (she/they)
Shanice Fullinck (She/They) is a Multidisciplinary artist, Queer Activist & +Model who works to bring more (body) inclusivity & diversity into the entertainment industry on and offline. As a decolonial intersectional feminist their work centers around how colonialism still impacts our society today and bring more diverse representation through different creative outlets.
“AFEKTÁ” is an enthralling performance that weaves Shanice’s personal journey of “fat liberation” into a mesmerizing tapestry of movement and expression. This captivating piece takes the audience on a profound exploration of the various phases of her sensual liberation. It delves into the visceral experience of inhabiting a plus-size body, exploring their skin and the way their body moves. It vividly portrays the emotions tied to taking up space and existing in spaces that have historically excluded bodies like theirs. “AFEKTÁ” is a stunning odyssey of self-discovery through movement and verbal expression, an evocative celebration of embracing one’s true self in a world that often imposes rigid standards.

Aryelle Freeman Hopelezz, Puszi Puszi Freeman, Koko Kaneel Freeman (she/her)
Aryelle Freeman Hopelezz is an Amsterdam based drag performer, dancer, fashion model, and LGBTQAI+ activist. She is performing in the Dutch (queer) and arts scene, at arts institution, clubs and festivals, prompting inclusivity and diversity. Puszi Puszi and Koko are the drag daughters of Aryelle.
They will be doing a drag performance incorporating lipsync and mime elements, under the theme of (alternative) motherhood.

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