Saturday 18 November
Tickets OT301-Studios // 21:00 // € 7
OT301 - 24th birthday - Party!
Genre: Punk live band / 80's / IDM / Break / Jungle / DnB / Techno / Hardcore
Open: 21:00 - 05:00 hrs
Tickets: € 7 / €5 in presale
Line up: Blind Ambition (live), Sonic Nomad, Godest, D.M.H., Power VS Power, Stevie, Klerezooi, Vartan, No28

Night Program:
All artists are crew members of OT301 and Studio 301 : )

Artist info:

No28/ (Power vs Power  is a French dj, Power vs Power records crew memeber based in Amsterdam since 2008. As a world traveler and music passionate, he has collected a large and diverse collection of records over the years. Music has no limits, his sets are made of surprises mixing styles and genres adapting to public and location.
Resident dj at OT301 in Amsterdam, no28 has played in clubs, raves and festivals across Europe, such as Stubnitz, WORM, Rencontres Alternatives, ADE...  radio stations:  kashmirlounge, hill street Blues, patapoe, ot301radio...
No28 will play between old and new selection of industrial techno with acid hardcore touch.
Mixcloud // Facebook // Insta // Youtube

Power vs Power is a Polish DJ based in Amsterdam /OT301 resident.
Involved with independent radio stations, devoted to underground music dance culture since 1995.
 Well-known organizer of electronic music nights and multi-disciplinary art performances, dedicated her force towards cutting edge entertainment.
As a stage performer and DJ, she has played numerous multidisciplinary art festivals and a wide range of underground events through Europe.
Founder of the record label Power Vs Power Records
For this event occasion expect electro vibes Dj set
Soundcloud // Insta // Facebook

Sonic Nomad
Amir, known as Sonic Nomad, is a classically trained multi-instrumentalist currently studying electronic music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He seamlessly blends classical precision with Braindance and IDM, inviting you to join him on an innovative musical journey that transcends genres.
IDM, Brain dance

Visuals by: a girl with a MISSION
“Nuns With Guns” is the alterego and performing name of the visual artist Giuliana Dieni.
NWG  is more than abstract visuals.
Live sets are mainly in Amsterdam but NWG has been performing since ’96 living between Rome, Berlin and Detroit.
NWG loves COLLECTIVE work and video activism and collaborated with:
THE CHURCH OF ELECTROSOPHY in Rome (IT) , Akakraak  and Bildstörung in Berlin (DE), Submultimedia Lab with Tez and Robert Hexler in Amsterdam (NL)
and ALWAYS active in the independent underground scene.
website // Insta

Drawing inspiration from the rave scene in the West of France where he’s from, Godest delivers both hard-hitting and hypnotic techno. In his vinyl sets, decades and their texture are meeting together to offer an ever more visceral experience of the dancefloor.

DJ Stevie no Wonder
As a kid and teenager I was very much into rock but was always obsessed with rhythm but always felt I was missing something. My first introduction to electronic music was Charly by The Prodigy and after that No Good Start the Dance with that epic music video which mesmerized me. At this time (1997) I went to my first acid party in The Hague and had a real life experience of that video. I had found my place, my music and my people.
I started DJ-ing for myself and had my first gig at a Knakk party in Rotterdam in 2000. After that my obsession was taken to another level, being adopted by the ZMK krew and trying to play as many parties as I could. Some of my best sets were back-to-back sessions with Coco Bryce, Tommy the Cat and Heike from MononoM soundsystem. I’ve been out of the running for a while now but will be back with a vengeance tonight.

D.M.H, is a Polish drum and bass DJ based in the Netherlands. While he officially launched his project in 2022, his journey in music goes back even further. Throughout his brief career, he has had the privilege of sharing the stage with renowned artists such as Djinn, Adi-J, and Tec9. D M H's sets are known for their high energy and unique style, featuring unexpected double drops and an unconventional selection of tracks. Prepare yourself for a captivating mix of deep rolling drum and bass infused with elements of jungle.
Soundcloud // Insta

Blind Ambition is a female fronted punk-hardcore band from Amsterdam/NL that features current and ex members of bands such as Vitamin X, Open Wounds and Betercore. Their music is inspired by classic '77 punk style and the early 80's US hardcore, but then spiced up with some garage, Oi punk and post-punk
influences. Their shows are powerful, dynamic and filled with catchy songs.
Bandcamp // Youtube // Facebook

Stepping outside his bedroom onto a public scene for his first time, Vartan will showcase an eclectic sound inspired by his mom's cd collection which paved his way into a passion for music and arts. 

Resident of the legendary Matjesdisco and famous for their wild mix of 80’s and 90’s classics




Studio 301
Insta // facebook

Art work by: Studio Inferno III
Website // Insta

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