Saturday 25 March
Tickets OT301-Studios // 22:00 // € 9
Genre: Electronic, experimental, club
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 9 / Free for Subbacultcha members
Line up: Mathilde Nobel (live), Mary b2b Passion DEEZ (dj), keygen.wav (live), Selfscare (dj)

A nightly meeting, sharing and dancing with alternating live acts and DJ sets. cc01_selfscare is the first frankensteinian baby burp in a series of clubby, “away from keyboard” manifestations of corecore’s online music community. A physical clearing in the middle of a dark forest, connecting cores from the center of the fairy ring. With bright shiny sounds by Mathilde Nobel (live), Passion DEEZ + mary (dj b2b), keygen.wav (live) and Selfscare (dj b3b).

Bio's artists:

Mathilde Nobel
Mathilde Nobel tries to understand time, as fragmented as it may appear. The songs often contain dramatic scenes and different timelines with a personal and fragile twist. Where her beats always sound deep under ground, her melodies are just about to float on the surface, which results in a mix of deconstruction and pop. The hidden mythical stories are translated with a contemporary sound where theory and emotion merge.
Insta // NousKlaer Bandcamp

Mary b2b Passion DEEZ
Despite being based in The Netherlands, the inimitable Passion DEEZ represents all things UK. From two-step and obscure garage to instrumental grime and junglist breaks, he’s obsessed with dark grooves and percussive riddims.
Insta // Soundcloud

Mary continuously builds and breaks tension in her music, resulting in a refreshing and jagged club sound. Ever-curious, her experimental productions and mixes are an invitation to tune into her personal thread of sonic fascinations. 
Insta // Soundcloud

KEYGEN is an organic creative collaboration between the artists KEYNU and GENEEVRE. Their sound is best described as fusing and blending both their signature core sounds, bending sound no matter the input or source. GENEEVRE is interested in finding new ways and meaning of combining organic and synthesis, while KEYNU draws inspiration from escapism.
Insta Geneevre // Insta Keynu

Selfscare is the collective identity of cdr103, tj0ki and jp. Together they run the corecore platform and host a radio show on Stranded FM.
Insta // Soundcloud



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