Friday 24 February
Tickets Cinetol // 19:30 // € 11
Sneakout: Vegaknak + Bubba + Onegg + Big Pleasure + Mamakil | Uitverkocht
Genre: punk
Open: 19:30 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 11
Line up: Vegakank, Bubba, Onegg, Big Pleasure, Mamakil

Introducing SNEAKOUT: Amsterdam’s new queer live music event, spotlighting a delicious mix of queer musical talent in the intimate venue of Cinetol. The lineup includes performances from Bubba, Big Pleasure, Vegaknak and Onegg, as well as a selection of Amsterdam's up and coming DJs. Enjoy an eclectic mix of genres ranging from indie-rock, synth-based electronica, post-punk, to danceable beats. On the 24th of February, we will debut this collaboration event between the Amsterdam queer collectives ‘The Queer Agenda’ and ‘LezLinkUp’. We welcome all genders and members of the LGBTQI+ community to come and explore a range of musical genres, in a safe and open-minded space.

Do you smell that? No, it is not a delicious vegetarian frikandel from Albert Heijn. What you smell is piping hot, original bangers from the tasty new band vegaknak. Vegaknak’s secret recipe: first marinate pan-seared indiepop in a coating of afrobeat before adding a touch of neo-soul, they guarantee to make your mouth start salivating and your limbs start wiggling. You bring yourself, they bring the boogie.


Bubba makes punkalicious indie rock for everyone who can't help moving body parts when the music is upbeat. The group is partly from Ghent, partly from Brussels, partly ape genome. We think haplogroup H but we're not sure. The aim of Bubba is to play as much as possible in order to find an audience that is different from the audience they have now. The idiosyncratic mentality of the band translates into songs that combine catchy swinging pop melodies with heavy riffs and funky rap-intermezzos. There are songs about rainbows or going to a museum, in English, Dutch, French and Arabic. Bubba has been working on their debut album ‘’Fall Out in The Frenzy’’, which is coming out in spring.


The Utrecht based Onegg is a synthesiser collective led by twins Ewa and Marysia Saras, with band member Mariette Huls by their side. This band produces hauntological, synth based electronica. Melody and harmony are central to the mix, with the rhythm from the drum machines forming the backbone of their sound. A live set by Onegg guarantees a spacey, danceable show.


Big Pleasure
Big Pleasure was born in 2019 out of the Vrankrijk WTF Queer Wednesdays, a Queer choir and a love for music. Five friends embarked on making a band together. Through limited experience, a strong DIY attitude, and a lot of fun, they quickly created a set and immediately played gigs in their favourite places in Amsterdam. The songs they have written have been inspired through the adventures as a band, from abortion rights (“My rules”), dating lives (“Rainy Monday”), 9 to 5 jobs (“Cog in the wheel”) to finally just simply being in a band (“Yoko Ono”). Bring big energy and they will bring you big pleasure.



Mamakil is een queer schrijver, artiest, dirty DJ en lid van de sehaq queer refugees group.
Hen probeert een veilige plek te bieden voor gemarginaliseerde gemeenschappen in een westelijke witte queer scene.
Diens set is een mix van RAI wai wai , chaabi, reggada, alaoui, mahraganat masriya 80’s club.



Datum | 24 februari
Deuren | 20:30
Aanvang | 21:00
Eindtijd | 03:00
Tickets voorverkoop | uitverkocht
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Praktische informatie
Deze show is rolstoeltoegankelijk. Heb je verder vragen over de toegankelijkheid van Cinetol, lukt het niet om online een kaartje te kopen of heb je een andere vraag? Bel ons op 020 248 0186, we zijn bereikbaar op kantoordagen tussen 10:00 – 18:00. Per mail contact opnemen kan ook via Wij vragen publiek met klachten die passen bij het Coronavirus de richtlijnen van de rijksoverheid te volgen.

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