Saturday 10 December
Tickets OT301-Studios // 22:00 // € 10
Genre: Chicago, Acid, House, Techno, EBM, IDM...
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / €7,50 in presale
Line up: J Velez (Live), Robert Bergman, Lennard Ypma

Music. That is what it is about tonight. 
No insane amount of frills. 
Again; Music.
J Velez will be performing something very special for us live, while Robert Bergman and Lennard Ypma will take care of the dancefloor before and after him. Don’t sleep on this one!

J Velez Live (L.I.E.S, Rush Hour, Skudge)
Robert Bergman (BREW, L.I.E.S.)
Lennard Ypma (Patron Records, EOA)

J Velez
Jorge Velez has been creating his own diverse electronic music since 1996 and has been steadily releasing on a variety of labels since 2000. Under a number of aliases -including Professor Genius and J Velez - and on labels like LIES, Rush Hour, Creme, IDIB among several others Velez creates music that looks back and builds upon the classics of European and Japanese synthesizer music, the Detroit and Chicago masters of techno and house and the East Coast US club sounds he grew up in while also moving forward without concern for trends or popularity.
In a live context, Velez's sets range across the spectrum of his released and unreleased music: from dark ambient builds to widescreen live reworks of his releases to deep improvised 4/4 workouts and new material.

Robert Bergman
Robert has made quite the name for himself releasing some heavy machine music on both L.I.E.S. and his own imprint BREW. Heavy delayed and phased drums are not uncommon in his studio. He furthermore has a broad record collection ranging from the sweetest dubs and reggae to hard hitting Chicago. Beware of what’s coming!
Soundcloud // Insta

Lennard Ypma
Known for squelching acid and dusty drums, but has a range that goes far beyond it. Lennard Ypma is one of those artists that is almost impossible to define. He performed under aliases such as Saurkraut and Perennial Rhythm. He finally decided to use his birth name Lennard Ypma on stage. In 2019 he released on De Sluwe Vos his own label "Patron Records" following several tracks on the "Everyone On Acid" label. In the near future his debut EP will be released on Lofidelity music and another vinyl is scheduled on his own Volunar Label soon.
Soundcloud // Insta

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