Sunday 23 October
Tickets OT301-Studios // 18:00 // € 12
Unknown Electronics 13 - ADE Edition
Genre: Electronic
Open: 18:00 - 00:30 hrs
Tickets: € 12
Line up: Wará + Unseen AV, Jack Fresia, Frablum, Josef Kunz, Cool Tiger, drusnoise

LIVE Electronic music only! 13th edition!
Following the success we had in our previous editions, we are bringing back a selection of the best live artists for ADE, in collaboration with Berlin Modular Collective.
Unknown Electronics is the first LIVE Electronic Music collective in Amsterdam. Our goal is to foster creativity and expression through live events showcasing electronic musicians from diverse backgrounds. All genres from ambient, chill-out to warehouse techno to breakcore are represented, as long as we bring novelty to our community.
We feature exclusively live sets.

Artists info:

Wará + Unseen AV
Wará is the nickname of Fran Mora, a Sevillian music producer known for his dark and mysterious industrial techno style that he also publishes as /beyond/. Founder of the Urban legend label in 2014, he leaves us multiple references that transport the listener to the most melancholic and raw side of the music of our times. His latest work, Luna Verde, is a 12-inch EP in which the Andalusian artist traces a captivating sound map of the Raval, a charismatic neighborhood in Barcelona where an important Arab community resides and where the artist connects with his roots. This project was presented at the MIRA Festival accompanied by an evocative audiovisual part based on the analog photography of Teresa Espadafor that was chemically manipulated by Raúl Hidalgo. A unique collaboration of two outstanding photographers from Barcelona and sequenced by the talented Unseen AV.. Their dj sets spill a magma of industrial and futuristic noises that intermingle with organic sounds, broken rhythms and Arab murmurs. He has released on the compilation "Purging Realities Part 1" on the Liber Null Berlin label and we have been able to see him at big events like DGTL, Off at Forum and in international clubs like Tresor Berlin, The Forgotten, Moog, Apolo... He is currently working on a new Live Av inspired by the Moroccan aissauas "Naja" that will be presented in Unknown Electronics ADE edition together with an Lp that bears the same name.
Insta Wara // Insa Unseen // Soundcloud

Jack Fresia
Jack Fresia - Italian DJ and producer living in Amsterdam since 2015, on top of his DJ and Live Performance career, he is currently teaching music production at Deep House Academy and, since 2019 label head at Modular Side Music. His love for the underground sounds is present in everything he does, so expect a focus on synthetic landscapes, dark and evolving ambiences from his modular rig!
Facebook // Insta // Soundcloud

Frablum, aka Francesco Stablum has been performing live sets with his modular synthesizer since 2017. Previously he experimented with DAW-based productions on various electronic music genres for about 20 years. His current performance focuses on melodic as well noisy, abrasive techno set with occasional ambient soundscapes. One of the goals is to provide a set with high dynamicity encompassing different moods, colors and energy levels.
Francesco has been part of Unknown Electronics since 2018; Unknown Electronics is an ambitious collective focused on organizing  electronic music events that feature exclusively live sets. Such events take place in various venues in Amsterdam such as the Vondelbunker and the OT301.

Josef Kunz
Josef is a live electronic music performer combining soft ambient moods and high energy dancefloor grooves. Originally from Canada, Josef moved to Berlin, Germany in 2021. He is a co-owner of the Berlin Modular Society. 

Cool Tiger
Cool Tiger creates postmodern rhythmic music at the intersection of club and experimental music. He has carved out a unique sound since his debut in 2014, ranging from polyrhythmic patterns, repeating vocals to powerful techno weapons.
With a deep understanding of tension and release, Cool Tiger positioned himself as a key musician in the Amsterdam underground scene. On the one hand, with his tight-knit label Junction Records he promotes innovative music endeavours; on the other, with his Unknown Electronics collective he fosters live electronic music of diverse backgrounds and genres. His own live performances reflect his tribal explorations and forward-thinking tribulations.
 With monthly events and  with a constant stream of innovative releases on Junction Records, Lobster Theremin and Berlin’s MOTZ, it is not surprising that he is receiving support from a wide range of DJs and that his upcoming releases are being served with a healthy dose of anticipation.
Facebook // Insta // Soundcloud

drusnoise is a live, electronic music producer, sound artist and co-founder of the Berlin Modular Society. Originally from Canada, his roots in techno lie in the 90s rave scenes of Toronto, Vancouver and London before reaching to the German capital where he currently resides. drusnoise integrates analog modular synthesizers with digital FX and organic samples to create a style that flows from lush ambient tones to gritty techno, in addition to a few curveballs along the way.  Known in the outside world as Dr. Steve Williams, his academic work includes conducting and publishing research on sustainable energy transition, sustainability in the electronic music ecosystem, and data sonification in Canada, Germany, and Sweden. Keen to merge themes of sustainability with dance music and sound art in today’s eco-challenging climate, drusnoise builds live sets and sound art performances from a plethora of natural sources. From urban field recordings to sampling vocals from a professor during a sustainability lecture, drusnoise’s approach is constantly evolving. 
Facebook // Insta // Soundcloud // Bandcamp

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