Saturday 14 May
Tickets OT301-Studios // 22:00 // € 8-10
Power vs Power records // No Escape
Genre: Electronic
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 8-10 / €6 in presale
Line up: Greg Die, eMeL_Dosisdb, Martha

We stand united in solidarity with Ukraine.
We organise another event in support of Ukraine, to raise money for a cause we all feel strongly about.
We invite Amsterdam local crews and friends to run the night :

Greg Die / Amen Zoo / Hit'n'Run
Creative DJ; that's the best way to describe Greg Die. He got love for many different styles and genres but mostly for hard electronic music.
Scratch DJ and Vinyl collector. This time he will play a special vinyl set filled with Industrial matching sounds to open NO ESCAPE event. 
Founder of the Portable Scratch Society. Co-Founder of Amen Zoo. Member of Hit 'n Run Soundsystem 
Insta // Soundcloud // Website Amen Zoo // Website Hit n Run 

eMeL_Dosisdb / Mental Acid Tekno/Acidcore/Hardco​re
Acid-Tekno-Drum`n bass dj and producer. Started dj-ing mid 90's,when he was part of the "4 acid eyes only" soundsystem. His first real appearance as a dj, was at a Queensday rave in "het Duitsche huis", Utrecht 1996. Together with Sam C and B-Art2 he founded Dosis Decibel Records and Dosisdb soundsystem in 2002. Bringing their unique mix of Breakbeats and Tekno to many dancefloors in the Underground Tekno scene. The Dosis decibel record label is defunct since April 2020. eMeL has released his music productions on labels such as: Dosis Decibel Recordings, Neurotrope, Azt3k, Karikatuur, Tekno Sucks, Obs.cur, Future Frequencies, Tenebreuse Musique, Violent Cases, Acid Night, Mysteries, Hangar, Tikal Sound, Melting Bass and his own label Koncept Kore which was founded in 2012. Formerly he was shortly known as dj Mackie (Dosis decibel Records 01). eMeL produces mental hybrid techno- acid core, breaks, ambient flavoured soundscapes, and hardcore tek crossovers.

Martha / ZMK
Free raves and teknivals is where she discovered hardcore music. 
Martha started mixing in early 2020's  - and mostly on underground events across Europe. 
She says: “I would characterize my style as dark and pretty hard. I like it raw"
Member of legendary sound System ZMK

In the face of the current situation, we cannot remain passive bystanders, but instead do what we can with the abilities we have, in support of the Ukrainian state and people in their fight.

All the benefits generated from this event will go to the organization:
Fundacja Ocalenie -

Come early, stay late, show your support.
If you cannot attend the event, you can always make a donation to the link above.

Limited capacity!

Artwork by : Studio Inferno III


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