Wednesday 18 May
Tickets OT301-Studios // 19:00 // € 3
Crossfade: Sonic Somatics
Genre: Techno-meditation, embodied listening, experimental sound
Open: 19:00 - 01:00 hrs
Tickets: € 3 / Free for Rietveld and Sandberg students
Line up: ​​​​​​​The Embodied Knowledge Bureau, ​​​​​​​aux), ​​​​​​​Sonia Fernández Pan, Liane, tontonmukuna

During this special evening the Embodied Knowledge Bureau and aux), two student-led educational platforms operating at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie and Sandberg Instituut, will come together to share their practices. They will look back on their year of work researching, thinking and making around sound and the body in art and design education. 
This event invites you to experience their space of exploration first hand: presentations by both platforms will be followed by performances and techno-meditation sets by guest artists, which will then dissolve into an open party. 

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The Embodied Knowledge Bureau is a space for investigating, reclaiming, and engaging the body within artistic education. Our platform integrates movement and somatic workshops, discussions, lectures, deep listening events, and film screenings as ways of mending current disciplinary blind spots and barriers that often exist between academics, visual artists and movement practitioners. 
Embodied Knowledge Bureau

aux) is an initiative that aims to collectively question vision-dependent frames of making and knowing. The platform offers a program that covers a spectrum of perspectives addressing sonic experiences and listening as forms of research and expression. aux) hosts events at the intersection of sound art, experimental music, and audio culture, supporting students to create and participate in concerts, listening sessions, workshops, and talks, among other activities.

Sonia Fernández Pan is a (in)dependent curator, writer, researcher, podcast-maker and one of the many anonymous bodies on the dance floor. Both her perception of dance culture and her way of dancing continue to shift constantly over the years. Her oscillating passion for techno is matched by many other musical genres, such as d'n'b, breakcore, dubstep or acid house, to name a few. She started her activity on the dance floor in 2003 at Barraca club (Valencia, ES) and continued dancing in many illegal free parties, many festivals and clubs like Octopus (Pontecesures, Spain), Razzmatazz and Apolo (Barcelona, Spain), Fabric (London, UK), Contact (Tokyo, Japan), Berghain, ://about blank, Tresor, OHM (Berlin, Germany) to mention those she still remembers. Her initial infatuation with dance culture was then followed by an attempt at a Ph.D. thesis, which she abandoned when feeling an ethical imbalance between her “intellectual self” and her “raver self”. Many years later, YOU GOT TO GET IN TO GET OUT would take place, a long-term co-curatorial research from and into techno for and with La Casa Encendida (Madrid). Between 2018 and 2022, this collective project included a radio podcast, a book of critical essays, an exhibition and a series of concerts to get to know (again) aesthetic, material and experiential crossovers between art and dance culture. From intimacy and words, she dances in the distance with Eva Rowson thanks to the different formats of the series "We don't stop, together", invited and hosted by Karmaklubb*. The last episode resulted in a podcast that features a spoken dance floor. She writes erratically for different media about dance culture and music. After 13 years in Barcelona, she moved to Berlin for musical reasons, among others.
Sonia Fernández Pan

Recently relocated to Amsterdam, Liane was born in Jerusalem where she started playing as a resident DJ at the underground club Pergamon. Following this, she regularly played at clubs in Tel Aviv as well as several gigs in Europe.
She mixes deep, dark and industrial techno using crashed kicks and breaks that create a distorted fog of noisy textures in an experimental-like atmosphere. In her sets, she seeks to cultivate an emotional exploration on the edge of darkness which evolve in a rolling flow that shatters and reforms.
In her artistic practice she deals with coping through sound and club culture. She explores the power within vibration and its ability to affect the collective, the body, and the mind.



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