Sunday 20 October
Tickets OT301-Studios // 17:00 // € 13
ADE: Voodoohop esoterica ADE Sunday
Genre: Downtempo
Open: 17:00 - 00:30 hrs
Tickets: € 13
Line up: Thomash & Urubu Marinka, Isis & Mozes, Saeko Killy, Kraut, Symbiosfera, Robbert Steer

The Brasil-Berlin Voodoohop collective pioneered the new Latin American downtempo sound.This sunday they meet up with Amsterdam crew Esoterica to create a slow and magical ride through the new pace of dance music. 


Thomash & Urubu Marinka (Germany/Brasil) 
After infecting Sao Paulo with a collective and a new sound Voodoohop founder Thomas Haferlach and dj partner Urubu Marinka landed in Fusion 2013 to spread the slow sound to Berlin and beyond. Thomash and Urubu are a classic dj team with the formre more folkore experimental, he wrote his own harmonic mix plugin, and Urubu the eclectic party version, always together on Ableton as a dj tool. As most of the Voodoohop crew plays with Ableton the collective ideal is also carried through in the performance itself. Thomas& Urubu played many cult sets in Berlin 2013-16 that shaped the development of the downtempo scene. We are delighted to have the classic Voodoo team back on stage.

Isis & Mozes (NL)
Another fabulous dj couple has been rising over the last two years. Long time house/techno veteran Isis met up with teenage bass musician whizz kid Mozes Meijer in the new territory of ethnic dub and downtempo electronica. Isis has always been an outstanding dj yet she has matured in a shamanic sense suiting the slower pace. Mozes has completed his studio with King Tubby and Lee Perry vintage machinery which gives an idea about the sound that comes out when these two opposites join the magic of togetherness. 
Soundcloud-Mozes Meijer

Saeko Killy (Japan)
Originally from Tokyo, Saeko now operates from Berlin and has a very eclectic sound with jazz, breakbeat, world and tropical psychedelica influences which has been adapted by the Voodoohop clan, as they developed a strong link with Japan over the years. Saeko has been causing a buzz lately with her skills to rock the Berlin crowd at some of the downtempo parties.

Kraut (NL)
Coming from a tech house background Daniel Zuur has been slowly moving towards a more organic live and slower sound and with his alter ego Kraut he has been able to nail the electronic world sound. As a regular on the Gardens of Babylon and the Berlin scene, Kraut has moved into the space between world, downtempo and electronica that allowed him to be himself as well as take part in the new sound. 

Symbiosfera (Brasil/Ireland/Norway)
More of a philosophy and a crew than a strictly musical concept, Symbiosfera have struck out to alter the relationship between music and the environment. Initiated by Peter Power, Julian and Luana Schwengber the manifesto of their interactive road map states ‘ Exploring the possibilities of exploring the current trend of music consumerism towards a more sustainable system, where the listener and the artist have the opportunity to directly support the environment from which the music was inspired, taking an active engagement in the process, intention and roots of the music.’

Robbert Steer  (NL) 
Esoterica organizer and astrologer Robbert Steer has a long history in Amsterdam. From pioneering the Jungle scene in the 1990s with Chaos&Ldopa to the eclectic dj teacher of Tom Trago with lots of reggae, hiphop and bass parties in between, Robbert converted to downtempo as a Berlin resident in the early 2010s and is about to release his debut ep ‘Solar Return.’ An astrology podcast is immanent as well. 



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