Saturday 03 June
Tickets OT301-Studios // 22:00 // € 10
Cat in the bag - Jungle session
Genre: Jungle DNB
Open: 22:00 - 03:00 hrs
Tickets: € 10 / €8 in presale
Line up: Junglefever, Tommy the cat, JDK, Kredo

Cat In The Bag Records, a Jungle label based in NL with Tommy The Cat as the main man, featuring some of the best Jungle artists from Holland and with international killers.
The first edition of Cat In The Bag Jungle Sessions will deliver a variety of jungle sounds past preset and future. Expect anything from Deep basslines raving amens and atmospherical sounds of Jungle and oldschool DnB.

Your hosts for the night!

This multi-cultural Junglist has been dj-ing and promoting D&B/Jungle/Breakcore since 2001 at his residencies, raves and venues across Europe. He got interested in audio production in 2006, which led to releasing on a couple of compilations and performing as a live act in 2007, using his laptop and some controllers.
Since 2010, he runs and co-owns two Ragga-Jungle vinyl labels:
Lickshot Recordings with Bong Selecta- a ragga-jungle label focussing on vibey yard music, and Bomba Cut Recordings with Stivs- a junglecore label dedicated to make hardcore mashed up ragga-jungle.
On stage, you can expect an banging and tight vinyl Jungle-set.
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Tommy the cat
Samuel van Cleef has been DJing since the mid-’90s, when he first discovered the fresh and thriving sounds of breakbeat, jungle, drum & bass and hip-hop. Operating under the alias Sam-C (and slight variations on it), he began playing and organising events within the free party scene in his home country of the Netherlands and further afield too, bringing his crew’s soundsystem to warehouses, abandoned pools and disused military spaces and other such prime raving sites. Over the years he’d mainly spin hardcore, acid and tekno with a twist of dnb and headed up the Dosis Decibel label . 
In 2018, however, Sammie returned to his jungle/DnB roots with the launch of his Cat In The Bag label and alias Tommy The Cat. Since then, he’s been releasing beastly tearout junglism via the outlet, and alongside the likes of Tim Reaper, FFF, Pastaman Coco Bryce, junglefever while the following year he added other imprints, Park Sessions & Oldschool Shoes, to his repertoire.
Exspect some banging jungle and tight mixes in this set.
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JDK aka Jape Du Marie aka Jack Wax Owner of Flatlife records.
JDK started playing break beats and jungle in the beginning of the 90's and gets back to his roots for this night .
Playing The atmospherical side of Jungle opening up the night with some biutiful sounds , mystical vibes , and big jungle rythms.
JDK is currently working on his first atmospherical jungle release on park sessions.

Kredo is a female drum n bass dj originating from Greece and living in Amsterdam.
She started playing drum n bass in the early 2000 and her name has appeared in major events and venues around Europe. She is a radio host promoting a weekly Drum and Bass show at the Amsterdam based Radio Salto, available on the FM and Online! The show airs every Sunday from 22:00 till midnight (GMT +2). Kredo’s music selection is always up to date and she never forgets the real junglist in her!
You can follow her on Instagram and Facebook:
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