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BAR - Checkpoint Charlie
BAR - Checkpoint Charlie
Nassaukade 48

Checkpoint Charlie is the gateway to West and Westerpark, at a collision point where De Jordaan, the Centre and the Westerpark meet.We have Weihenstephaner ale on draft, awesome snacks like Berlin currywürst, served with an eclectic mix of rock, reggae, funk, soul, bluegrass and old school hiphop. We’re a real place, where the owners are where they belong; behind the bar. We got DJ’s, comedy, spoken word and loads of rock ’n roll. See our live section. This story started in 2014, when we, Jaro, Jeroen and Carina found a place in this fair city that made our hearts beat faster; it was big, ugly and available. Perfect. We got the money together by asking everyone around us. People lend us big chunks of the budget we were aiming for, but we gave everyone an opportunity to contribute by opening an account and paying in advance. An amazing thing happened. All the people we knew joined in, it went viral on Facebook alone and within a week or so we collected 10.000 euro. It finalized at 22.049… If that wasn’t enough to put tears in our eyes and goosebumps on our skins, every day we were rebuilding the place, people stopped by to lend us a hand. Painting, breaking, building, cleaning, you name it, our friends did it. We are so incredibly grateful for this, words can’t express. Now it’s up to us to make this what we want it to be: a place worthy of Amsterdam.

We play an eclectic mix of rock ’n roll, funk, soul, bluegrass, surf, 60’s garage, reggae and old school hiphop. And then some. Our sounds menu further contains...

The Only Place In Town where you can have a late night currywurst with our secret sauce or Dutch tapas. But we do lunch as well: homemade soup,...

Our liquids menu contains beautiful beers, wonderful whiskeys, strange soda's and mesmerizing mixes. Like our Vodka Club Mate or Wostok Vodka. If we don't have it, we probably don't like it....

1 pm till 1 am Sun-Thur
1 pm till 3 am Fri & Sat