Issue #021 Published: 08-11-2018 // Written by: ME

Great job by the Mobiele Eenheid in Amsterdam North

The Mobiele Eenheid - a collective of involved Amsterdammers - occupied the old building on Gedempt Hamerkanaal 86. It has been empty for over a year and is without any official concrete plans for use in the near future.

The badly maintained building will be transformed into a non-commercial social center. A space by and for people to come together, exchange ideas/skills, work collectively, and actively influence developments in the city.

Through a program with political debate, music, art, and communal projects, they want to connect and involve anyone that wants to be a part of the city’s community and potentially participate in its development. Squatting unused property for public benefit has a long tradition in Amsterdam. Despite the law that has made this sort of acitivity criminal Mobiele Eenheid had the courage to go for it anyway.

They run this place collectively and voluntarily. Everybody is welcome to pass by during one of the events, and, of course, to join and help out!

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