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9/9/2020 / Issue #032 / Text: Jan Pieter ’t Hart (Kriterion)

Film/Documentary tip top 5

Every issue we publish a tip top 5 of documentaries and films that we think are worth watching.This issues list has been created by Jan Pieter ’t Hart from Kriterion.If available we share the content on our Youtube channel.

Allen Tegen Allen
Director: Luuk Bouwman
Release: 1 October 2020
Topic: What makes a fascist?
Where to find it: In theaters from 1 October, and once in Kriterion on October 14th, including a Q&A with the director.
Was fascism a one-off historical phenomenon or something of all times, a certain mentality? This film investigates this question on the basis of pre-war fascism in the Netherlands.

Stop Filming Us
Director: Joris Postema
Release: 1 April 2020
Topic: Western framing of the Congo
Where to find it: Online platforms like Picl, Vitamine Cineville, Pathe Thuis and CineMember.
This docu creates a cinematic dialogue between Western perceptions and the Congolese experience of reality. While the Congolese perspective becomes clearer in the film, questions arise about the perspective of the film itself.

Born in Flames
Director: Lizzie Borden
Release: 1983
Topic: Feminism, racism, social critique
Where to find it: Vimeo on demand
Influential political sci-fi film. Set ten years after the most peaceful revolution in United States history, it presents a dystopia in which the issues of many groups - minorities, liberals, gay rights organizations, feminists - are dealt with by the government. 

Possibly in Michigan
Director: Cecelia Condit
Release: 1983
Topic: Feminist operatic fairytale
Where to find it: On Youtube and in Kriterion on September 3th.
In this operatic fairytale in Technicolor, a masked man stalks a woman through a shopping mall and follows her home. Combining the commonplace with the macabre, humor with the absurd, Condit constructs a world of divided reality.

Ways of Seeing
Director: John Berger
Release: 1972
Topic: Art and sociology
Where to find it: All four episodes are available on Youtube
A fantastic mini-series by art critic John Berger, with 30-minute cleverly constructed episodes reflecting upon advertising, reproduction, the female nude and photography.