Selected event
Monday 11 February
OT301-Cinema // 19:00 // € 5
Italian Antifascist Cinema: Off Road
Open: 19:00 - 21:00 hrs
Tickets: € 5

Cinema of the Dam’d responds to the rise of the far-right in Italy with an exploration of the best Italian leftist cinema. Tonight we are proud to invite you to go Off Road (2013) in Elsa Amoruso's acclaimed documentary.

It was 1995 when Pino, a car mechanic and off road driver with a thick Roman accent, decided to let the world know that her name was in fact Beatrice. Today Beatrice is a dynamo rolling at full speed, navigating life in high heels and motor oil-stained overalls with the help of Marianna, her wife. Bigger than life and unafraid to recollect the hurdles she passed over the years, Beatrice generously and cheerfully shares the many victories she secured for herself and for her family. Elisa Amoruso's Off Road somehow manages the impossible task of keeping up with Beatrice's high speed, while letting her stories and her love for life fill the frame. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Elisa Amoruso, 2014, Italy, 70 minutes. In Italian w/ English subtitles.