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Monday 11 February
OT301-Cinema // 21:00 // € 0
Signs of the Zodiac: Aquarius (Secret Screening)
Open: 21:00 - 23:00 hrs
Tickets: € 0

Every month, we celebrate the cinematic zodiac with a secret screening featuring a character that fully embodies what that sign is all about. Better still, if the zodiac sign of the month is yours, you can pick up a free box of popcorn at our bar! So, what's your rising, darling? This month: Aquarius.

Ruled by Uranus, the Aquarius is a master of transformation. A shy and quiet character on the one hand, the Aquarius can morph into an energetic, outgoing eccentric when circumstances allow. While Aquariuses may come across as aloof at times, they are social and humanitarian creatures at heart. This dual nature makes the Aquarius a complex, but also exciting character.

In this mid 2000s drama, a young man seeks reprieve from the physical world through the creation of a virtual self. Merging splendorous fantasy with the harsh reality of love, illness, and violence, this Aquarian shapeshifter was showered with prizes upon its release, and has since been adapted for both a graphic novel and a musical.

Approximately 90 minutes. In Dutch with English subtitles.

Entry is free, but donations are encouraged.
Free popcorn for Aquariuses!