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Saturday 10 November
OT301-Cinema // 19:00 // € 5
End Times: The Last Wave
Open: 19:00 - 21:30 hrs
Tickets: € 5

How will the world end? Whether by nuclear catastrophe, alien invasion or environmental collapse, movies have long sought to answer this question, by envisioning the unthinkable. Today, in an age of accelerated global climate change and Trump's saber rattling with North Korea, apocalypse cinema has never felt more vital. In this program, we look back at the best, boldest, and most unusual visions of The End. Tonight we dive into Peter Weir's hallucinatory thriller The Last Wave (1977). 

While Australia is battered by unusually powerful rainstorms, five Aboriginal men are arrested for murder in Sydney. White lawyer David Burton (Richard Chamberlain) agrees to represent them. With the reluctant help of one of the suspects, Chris Lee (David Gulpilil), Burton begins to believe that the killing was carried out in the name of tribal law. Plagued by prophetic dreams of a coming apocalypse, Burton becomes obsessed with the secrets that the tribe is guarding, and finds his rational Western worldview shattered. Peter Weir's eerie, rain-soaked thriller is one of the key Australian genre films of the 1970s. It is also among the first Australian films to thoughtfully explore Indigenous religion and culture, bringing the Aboriginal concept of Dreamtime to vivid life through Weir's uncanny imagery. Watch the trailer.

Directed by Peter Weir, 1977, Australia, 106 minutes. In English. 

Bar opens @ 18:30.
€5 entry