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Thursday 17 August
Filmhuis Cavia // 20:30 // € 0
Filmhuis Cavia presents: A Liquid Party
Genre: Film club, sci-fi, cult classic, queer
Open: 20:30 hrs
Tickets: € 0
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Film + party!

Slava Tsukerman, 1982, USA, 112'

It is 1982, New York. Invisible aliens in a small flying saucer land on the rooftop of a penthouse. They feed on endorphins, produced by the human brain either during a heroin high or – even better – at the height of orgasm. Meanwhile, the humans dance to the beat of the rhythm box. There is hedonism, nihilism, sex, music, and a German scientist. There is gender fluidity. There is Margaret vs Jimmy.

Despite – or encouraged by – the film’s ultimately grim social criticism and dark humour, Cavia invites you to party like there is no future. We join forces with the duo of Science Park Space System, who will bring you to the most cosmic heights found in the sublunary world.

Wearing neon colours is commended.